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Had she had a spirit of rebel.

​And on days she had to behave,

she would wear her 4 inches,

sway her skirts,

and keep straight her mane.

And if she smiled,

it was surely a matter of grace,

but deep within,

she was smirking at fate.

Well bred, well fed,

she wasn’t meant to be a brat,

But she did wonder 

what would it be 

had she had a spirit of rebel ?

It wouldn’t have to be near the word caution,

it wouldn’t be her very evasion ?

of being modest and dreamy,

graceful and kind,

But Alas ! that’s uncanny,

since her spirit was tamed just fine.
_ L E A N D R A _
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#9 Her thoughts 

My hair is the very curtain I won’t use to look away from you. 

Because if you catch my eye,

I’d want to hold your gaze.
Because may be in that moment

we might have an eternity to chase.
_ L E A N D R A _
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#8 Finding Me 

When you said,

I’d never change,

Always being kiddish with 

venting through changing statuses and

Never speaking up,

that I’d be the boring same.
That was the first crack.  I was in a transition then,

Now apparently you just see a me you never expected or may be you did dream, 

But I’m just too real to any longer be a dream.
Thank God for those much more cruel words of harshness,

I became a blogger, a writer,

And even more…

I discovered me, the one who could connect with those many sailing in similar boats of different chaotic emotions, dealing with verbally abusive hypocrites like you.
I was born sensitive not practical,

That’s who I am, 

And that is something not bound to change.
And I can be as bold and brave I want to be,

Because now the likes of you CANNOT EVER diminish the likes of me.
I refuse to sink beneath your shallowness.

I respect myself far too much , then to worship your hurting ego.
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#8 Her_thoughts

​Sitting in the shadows,

Facing the light.

Wondering about tomorrows,

Weaving a paradise.

Sighing about what’s gone astray,

Pasting a smile , daring to say– 

Life is good,

Filled with small things of great joy per day,

Living in the shadows , facing the light,

Feeling the sparks within me ignite.

#5 Random thought of the day

Sometimes we gotta thank these people who underestimate us, look down on us and make us feel like crap in living daylights.
They can snap the fiery spirit back to life to accept the challenge to prove them wrong.

When things dont work with a pat, a slap does it.