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Mind traps.

Failing the ‘n’th time,

reminded me of all that I did wrong,

knowing the approaching storm,

I can’t help feeling trapped too damn long.

The disease of procrastination had drugged me,

Even though I knew the way out,

I couldn’t find it.

But just today,

facing the inevitable made me see,

through the cracks of my shredded perseverance,

that I needed to reach above,

So He could give me deliverance,

from the not good enough, to the bad vibes,

from the doomed starts to the Can’t survive.

All these are mind traps,

weaved by the devil so specialized,

It’s time to break free and stop self criticize.


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#5 Random thought of the day

Sometimes we gotta thank these people who underestimate us, look down on us and make us feel like crap in living daylights.
They can snap the fiery spirit back to life to accept the challenge to prove them wrong.

When things dont work with a pat, a slap does it.

#2 Positive Vibes for you

When you have an idea, start on it right away. Because Tomorrow its stale & might not interest you so much as now. MOMENTS of inspiration are your highest points of raw productive energy – use it , drill it….


” you’ve certainly made something wonderful today that tomorrow couldn’t do for you.”