My Man of Steel


 I cried when He laughed with joy to see me finally born,

In his arms he carried me without any scorn.

And soon I began to run along. He watched me grow and kept me safe,

as he walked on thorns right through the harsh storms with no intent to escape.


He lets me fly, soar very high..

He gives me the push whenever I wail and cry..

He is my shield, my strength , my Inspiration

He is EVERYTHING that defines our relation.

And just like that HE taught me How to live…..

I looked at him and learn’t many things.. like how to smile even when you grieve or how to never give up and in own-self believe.

His sacrifices are countless and so are the lessons he taught me..

His Love for me is boundless , like a princess he crowns me..

Oh he is My Man of steel, and there is simply no other,

He keeps me awed with everything he does, this man who is my father.

He is my hero and will forever be,

He is the person I know who will always Be There when I count from one to three.

I love him so much I fail to show, I would do anything for his smiles to grow.

He is perfect in all the imperfections, he makes me run after my dreams with a profound passion.

What good did I do? to get such a precious jewel? he makes my life a heaven with not a glimpse of hell.

And when I run to him with all my worries and woes,

he lets me cry on his shoulder and takes away all the blues.

He is all steel and strong willed,

Oh for him I’m with love and respect filled.

Oh my Man of steel , how do I tell you what all I feel?

I promise to live this life I owe you with a never-ending zeal.

18 thoughts on “My Man of Steel”

  1. The best of all… touching.. emotional… awsomeee… words wnt b enuf fr appreciation coz the person fr whum ths poem is.. he is indeed vry special… love u daddas princess… may god bless u…

  2. I echo every word you meant and put down, my dear Godchild. I miss my MAN OF STEEL, I really do. I cried deep in my heart for my dad
    , as I carefully went through each meaningful line. God bless you and your MAN OF STEEL.

  3. its really heart touching lean … i salute u for this … Ur family is really lucky to have a sweet daughter like u… love u…:-*

  4. Great …u n ur words of steel.
    I say so bc tears rolled down…as i pickd up each of ur emotion…
    U r a god gifted child..
    May all the bst frm t world b urs.

  5. ….. Every line …every word…. Evrything a daughter would want her MAN OF STEEL to know… Tears rolled down & it gave me the goosebumps as I related it to my DADA’s days of struggle, then & even now…
    God bless you lean, you’ve given a new meaning to “this” bond of love!!!! Loads of love to you.

  6. Heart touching…
    Your words jus creates magic..
    Everthing you write gives me far different nd beautiful angle to look at the things around me..
    God bless you n your daddy ‘re

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