The end or the beginning

The end of one chapter… is simply the beginning of another..

What is it that passes through our minds once and then it keeps ringing??6a00e54f95df928834016305a33237970d-500wi

Thoughts? … Memories?

Have you ever chased them? or is it that they always chase you? or rather haunt you?

Do you know how many thoughts run through our mind in a moment?  I guess even I won’t know an accurate answer for that…

second-thoughts-300x222   What makes you think?

the many things you observe?  feel?

What about dreams?

best-witty-quotes-sayings-struggle-fear-dream     a17eb416a19631922f4d5ca142257690

What about wishes?

What about NIGHTMARES?


They are all clustered around this one word “THOUGHTS”.

Ever wondered how these great men and women speak out one thought and then it keeps running through ages as the world famous quotes?

Sometimes try scribbling your thoughts on a page. Read it all .  You never know what you might find amidst it.

Whats your original line that describes you? or your life? Sometimes we say the best things too. Those Great people out there aren’t the only one. Even you can be like them. Am not asking you all to be authors but what I’m trying to say here is……


When your mind is messed up .. Chaotic… or you find yourself bored or without any fancy work… You could try this… take-out a pen and scribble ,.. draw or I’d say use your handsets and let your mind take charge.

Again no offense, you could choose to do what pleases you most. Because what matters is – your choice and your satisfaction on making choices.

Some thoughts are the best statements we ever make that just passes our mind for a moment and simply vanish.. just like a flash! why don’t you catch hold of them? Jot it down someday you can trace it back.

Because our thoughts have all mysteries hidden and also answers to the unknown.. perhaps somewhere down the lane you suddenly get hit by puzzles and this thought that you wrote down could help you solve it better.

Words are beautiful. You can use them as a weapon to destroy or inspire or just make your life better. They can easily weave a web and let your mind travel on and on.

Even if you are rooted to the earth, your thoughts make your mind travel miles in a moment.

So make the journey of your mind blissful.

Think healthy and positive and with a vision to see the best in life even in troubled situations.

A lesson learn’t the hard way always becomes a blessing in disguise.  And so as one of  my favorite author says – it’s called “BLESSON” ———-> 586f4c459ee2987da26d4e27bb502bd4

So I would like to try to help out and inspire you’ll with my words.

For now : a sweet advice – Make a DECISION to be happy always and don’t simply decide but put your healthy thoughts into ACTION.

Go live a life of “DECTION”.



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Words. Some false. Some harshly true. – Let it cast a magical spell. Over me and you..!!

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