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There’s no stranger danger.

You don’t have to befriend every human in existence.
If you don’t vibe, YOU DONT VIBE.

Sometimes being strangers or mere acquaintances is good for the both of you. This way life is more civil, less toxic, more of blessings, less of hate, negligible drama.

It is only when you feel forced to vibe with people who too feel the same, you’ll know there is this strange barrier in your head of non acceptance, Somehow your brain will try looking for flaws & specs in the other to strengthen the thought of hate or dislike into something more dangerous.
Stop. You are trespassing the negative territory. Parents should understand this, when a child is uncomfortable with your friends kids , do not force them to befriend each other, they will grow up having this animosity inside them , learning the art of pretence for your sake.

Sometime back, no matter how good a friends we are now, I faced a confession, that stuck in my mind. She said she hated me back then as I was the unwanted intruder. I got the vibes back then but what I didn’t know it was that she actually felt the whole why are you forcing to befriend her thing until now. I understand how your brain is made to adapt and adjust and how the negativity simply becomes an acceptable habbit of indifference. Now, we are simply acquaintances. And I like that. There’s nothing toxic. We respect each other, we talk and smile without a trace of ‘we haven’t spoken in ages’, it’s normal & good.
When things can be so normal, why pretend to feel indifferent when you actually force yourself to accept & gel along.
The problem with me is, I’m at this phase where I’m so calm, collected and thinking all those childhood stages, phases and understanding what was right, and what was wrong & why it was wrong.
So when time comes for me to mother my kittens, I know not to bound them to unhealthy norms of a perfectly acceptable lifestyle.

How are you?

So no one asked nobody, for nobody wanted to undergo the wrath of somebody and feel like a fool.
So many died without a real soul talk,
and many just lived to die through this monotonous walk.

If you live life with no one your soul connects with, what are you living for?
Material world is a thief of joy and peace. It has nothing lasting.
And if you can’t look a person in the eye and read them, how can you expect anyone to read you, understand you, vibe with you?
If you want to keep the people who actually ask you about your mental well being, stop holding onto ego, pride and the superiority complex.
All souls are equals, connect on that equal level, leaving the realms and prejudices of the material world behind.
Back in old days, asking everyone we meet “how are you doing?’ came as a habit.
No one asks you that anymore with a reason to actually know how you’re holding up, except to nod off to the ‘I’m fine, wabt you ?’ banter.
This is so robotic. 🙄

Every person is fighting a mental battle. We are all learning professionals of showing off “Nothing can hit me, I’m Rock-(wo)-man .”

How like us ! 😑

Anyway, I did want to check on you, I really do hope you are doing fine.
While, if you have no hope, suffice in the thought that I Hope for you. 😊
Stay blest.

Art heals.

Well when I look at this,
I see rage, hatred, frustrations and the need to stab.

The poor paper took all the wrath and turned all that negativity that was killing me on a bad day (that I can’t recall at all at the moment.), into something beautiful.
The days of the breakthrough.

Honestly now that I think of it, art has helped me grow so much into being more at peace with my soul.

Bad days don’t last. And in time you won’t even remember them. You won’t remember feeling hurt or agitated or needing to face punch anyone.

You will forgive but sometimes not forget.

You will find peace and smile at the raging storms.

Somehow all that happens to you is the best thing happening to you.

The good, the bad, the falls, the climb, the soaring or the passive times,
everything , everything is needed to shape you.
We feel that sometimes some right things dont happen to us at the time we feel is right.
But that’s your head pushing you to think and believe that. That is you wanting to be treated at someone else’s clock. No! Their time is not your time. Their life is not your life.
Your Destiny is yours and the life you make is also yours.
Learn to keep the line and be mindful always to remember to not cross this.
Don’t muddle with the boundaries of want and desires, and needs and wishes and hopes, and what is realistically happening at a pace you should accept willingly.
Believe that good things are happening, work on greater better things, work on you. Always.

Turn all that negativity into productivity. For me painting helps with that aspect. Find your channel of rooting this energy into something magical and healing. Invest that sulking time into something that gives ypu immense peace. You will find that solace, keep looking , be observant of what makes you smile, happy and peaceful.

Every day is a journey of learning something new from you, from new & old people , from nature, from God, from things that our ordinary lives hold and bring to us.

Stop judging you and stop judging everyone. That’s the enemy that keeps breaking in to make you feel restless.

Stay blest.

DIY : Face mist + Scrubs + cleansers 

Heyyy girls…..

It’s been such a long long time I’ve shared my DIY stuff here. And I’m a crazy DIY person.

I love experimenting so much, it will make you wanto scream, “Leandra , that’s enough, and when you see a good result you’ll be like ‘ you did it’.”

ok enough of me blabbering. Since it is the horrifying summers here. I simply cannot bear this 30°C or more temperature. It makes me so sweaty, grimy, greasy and annoyed. 

So, good news,  I kinda have a few face mists you could try and make for yourself . And I assure you , you’ll love them. All of them are very easy to make and the key ingredient will be peppermint essential oil. Why, of course, it is summer , so we need that cooling mintyness .

1. Rosey-Minty mist.

All you need is like half a cup of rose water, 5-8 drops of peppermint essential oil . Caution not more, less would be better, first try 5 drops and see if your skin can tolerate it.

It does make your skin feel all sorts of nice tingly, though if you have sensitive skin, try it on your hand first and check if you can take it .

Just two ingredients here, mix it when in a spray dispenser bottle , and you’re good to go.

It feels refreshing , trust me, this is my summer fav. 

2. Green minty tea.

 Here we need a cup of green tea cooled down , 5-8 drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix it well, shake it up, store and use in a spray dispenser bottle.

Green tea works as an amazing anti-oxidant and is proved to help acne prone skin . It helps making your skin appear brighter and glowy and  kinda acne free ( when your not hit by your period storms ).

So this will work as an acne cure as well make you feel fresh for summers.

3. Mint-aloe misty-fun

here we need , half cup water or rose water, 5-8 drops of peppermint and 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera is like the most miraculous skin healer. It can help with reducing acne, the marks, blemishes, discoloration or even hydrating and moisturizing. Hell! it even helps cure burns. It sure takes time , but does give promising results.

Okay now where were we, yaaasss, let’s make the mintaloe mix and store it well in a spray dispenser.

More tips :

Just  shake it to make it. Store in refrigerator if you want it nice and cold or room temperature would do.

Shelf life : 1-2 months. Depends and how well you store. Don’t keep it in direct sunlight, we don’t want to cook it up into something else. Make it in lil quantity and  finish it off early.

DIY face ( makeup )cleansers :

1. cotton ball dipped in milk and honey mix .

2. cotton ball soaked with the goodness of pure coconut oil/ olive oil.

3. cotton ball soaked in equal parts of Apple cider vinegar and water ( dont use it near or on your eye area, simply because its acidic, and that skin is highly sensitive.)

4. Cotton ball dipped in aloe and milk mix.
Face scrub/pack :

1. oats soaked partially in milk , enough to make a soothing scrub.

2. green tea powder after brewing the tea. You can use what you thought was waste to oxidize your skin and add a glow instantly. Either as a scrub if it’s in powder form or make a paste if its organic  meaning there are tea leaves and use it as a face pack.

Taaaddaaaaahhh dearies   and I’m done… 

Hopefully that was helpful.

Thank you. Do share your DIY face tips with me. 

DIY : Mascara hacks

​Shoutout to all my girly friendz…. This one is for you..

#Lifehacks #DIY #doityourself #mascara 

Let’s do something interesting and healthilicious for our lashes and brows… 

Step 1:

Grab an old mascara container (empty one hopefully ) clean it thoroughly.

Step 2:

Make a mixture of :

Aloe vera gel

Castor oil

Water (just to get the right consistency)

Step 3: 

Put it in the bottle (this is where you have to be patient and break your head … putting that thing in that tight necked bottle is a pain… mind you 😂) 

Step 4: 

Use it as a gel mascara and gel brow definer with the wand / applicator.

Benefits :

1. Aloe vera gel 

Let me remind you #ALOE_VERA_GEL is a lifesaver in many beauty hacks. It improves skin texture and stimulates hair growth.
2. Castor oil 

If you have dreamt of thicker and darker lashes and eye brows then castor oil is a go to doctor.
Well , I’ve used water to get the right consistency. Because both aloe vera gel and castor oil are very thick, so to get a good gel  not runny mixture a few drops of water never hurts. 😂

You can also use other oils like almond or coconut oil instead of water, but since I’m an oily skinned creation I’m sticking to one oil and darling water for my health hacks.

Please note :

This is only a health hack. For nourishment of eye lashes and eye brows. Please dont even expect it to turn out to be  a water proof or water resistant solution . 

Just kidding. Just warning.
Best time to apply this is before you sleep.
Since I have no patience to use cotton buds and get my face all greasy , alil DIY hack doesn’t hurt. 😉
Just felt like sharing. 😉😉😉😉😉

Even writers enjoy #DIYhacks
Also the benefits of aloe vera gel, castor oil, other oils and water are endless ….. google for more info..(sincere apologies) I’m lazy to write more.😂😋

Depression- the world disease.

Depression is like a gigantic wave of tsunami  that snatches away all hopes of happiness and peace. It makes you feel like you’re drowning, hopeless, shattered, broken, miserable, pathetic, loser, worthless, suicidal, lost, afraid, anxious, low on self esteem and blaah !

It is like a blanket choking you inside out. Crashing you within. Fading away all good memories or reasons to feel good.

Its something very serious. Our world today is infested by this disease. Its not a thing that people can joke about. Some people get treated and medicated for this. But not all have the access to luxury. Not all are bold to ask for help. We all are too egoistical and society oriented. We just want to fit in without been thrown out no matter how tough it gets to breathe.

People who dont know what others go through have no right to mock them. They know nothing of how they struggle within and how brave it is to smile despite the feeling of being internally hit by a truck. The injury is not physical, not obvious to the human eyes, but its there. Its an emotional deep wound. That perhaps gets healed in time and also by being with the right set of understanding people that help you cope and learning and practicing the therapy of self love and respect.

If everyone knew the struggle on the rough road, no one would dare mock the other.

The world needs a check on humanity.
Depression is caused by  various things. It could be death, betrayal, business loss, career freak outs, broken marriage, hopeless parents, or children gone astray, . It can be just any thing. You cannot even imagine. Its like there’s this thing you are obsessed about, and when things go downhill, you dont know how to cope. Its trying to figure out the mess. But in trying to sort it you feel getting into deeper shit.

You’ll find a way out eventually. Dont worry. Its not a permanent phase if you rekindle a fighter spirit in you. Just dont give in. Dont stop fighting it.

It sure makes you come out stronger and wiser. Remember  the struggle of a caterpillar in its cocoon , when it finally comes out , its something it never was before. Its a vibrant butterfly. Wings and colours. The caterpillar itself weaves the cocoon from which it hasto break free one day. Similarly we dig our oceans of depression drowning deeper, and only when we feel suffocated – we struggle and kick our limbs in the water. How else will you learn to swim ashore if you dont kick in , and fight at the odds and try to come out of the depths?

What an overwhelming feeling that is to overcome something that scared you to death!

The most common thing people tend to say  in these times “its time to move on , let go, leave it behind.”

Its annoying sometimes , but hey they are just looking out for you. No need to get all hulk on them for being worried about you.

Letting go is not forgetting the torment,
But letting go is feeling  that whatever depressed you in the past, no longer haunts you. Its that moment when you come at peace with yourself.

Be brave. Its not easy climbing uphill when there’s no path carved. But you can reach out to the top , if you dont give in and be determined to keep your focus on where you need to be.

You can , if you wish. And if you Will.

DIY: Miracle Hair Masque

Have you been grumpy and sad lately because your untamed extra damaged hair has kinda lost its life?
I have been going through something very similar after trying hair straightening,  smoothening and using all heat-styling products. And moreover using chemicals to maintain the same.
I’ve been worried sick lately seeing my hair so lifeless, lack of lustre and so brittle.
And than I started doing some research on home health care methods and I blended two methods together to come out with this magic mixture that, believe me! Is helping me revive my once healthy hair back.
Okay!!! so without getting into much blabbering..
This masque is the “eggy-butter-oil theraphy” as I call it.


Ingredients :
1 egg,
2tbsp olive oil,
1tbsp coconut oil,
1+3/4tbsp honey and
1tbsp butter.

Method :
First warm the butter and coconut oil (incase it’s in solid state) and mix thoroughly and let it cool abit (we dont want cooked egg on our head… Lol).
Than mix in the olive oil and whisked egg mixture and blend it well till its smooth and creamy.
Apply it on dry hair from roots to tips. Massage onto the scalpe thoroughly.
Twist your hair into a bun, and wrap the hair cap or a plastic bag around it so that it doesn’t drip out much and doing this will also help keep the moisture and heat in check.
It’s gonna drip abit so keep a hand towel or cloth ready to wipe around ur neck and forehead.
It stinks, certainly.  You can’t expect eggs to smell like oranges.
Keep it on for 45mins to an hour or even more as per your convenience.
Rinse thoroughly using a good shampoo and conditioner.

Essentials of such ingredients :
Coconut oil is high in vitamin E and other nutrients, and your hair can absorb them all. The result will be hair that is thicker, shiner, healthier and has stronger roots. It also contains lauric and capric acid, which have amazing antimicrobial powers – meaning it will make your hair and scalp healthier and prevent dandruff, itchy scalp and infections. Make sure you buy the extra-virgin kind for maximum effectiveness.

This can be used as a deep moisturizing treatment and to promote hair growth. Massaging your scalp with olive oil will promote scalp health and improve circulation, while fighting off bacteria and leaving you with softer smoother hair.

3) BUTTER or mayonnaise or ghee
This makes your hair really soft and shiny and adds volume.  It’s very rich in protein hence it promotes hair growth. It’s used worldwide in hair care therapies.

4) EGG
Eggs  they are rich in protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. These nutrients can repair various hair problems and give you silky and shiny locks. Dry and brittle hair, hair loss, dry, flaky scalp, dandruff – whatever the problem, there are egg packs for all these issues. The essential fatty acids provide nourishment to the hair follicles. The xanthophylls or the antioxidants, which bring about the rich yellow colour, increase the oxygen supply in the scalp and help mend rough and easily breakable hair. The cholesterol helps in penetration and absorption of these vital components thus increasing the efficacy. Hence it promotes hair growth,  acts as a conditioner and restores damaged hair to life.

If you have dry or damaged hair, honey can help. A natural humectant, honey attracts moisture. It’s also full of antioxidants and nutrients to feed hair follicles that house the live part of hair, encouraging hair growth. That being said, it also needs a medium to help spread it around, otherwise you can end up with just a sticky mess, so the recipes include other natural ingredients that help you restore dry hair to a health and luster, from the scalp up.

My experience


Its a miracle hair masque. Believe me. My hair was really damaged after all that smoothening and hair dyes I used. And it had become really frizzy and brittle. It really bothered me since I had really healthy hair once. Now it was so utterly damaged and so much of hairfall . Thanks to this natural home remedies, it’s getting my hair back to life. Even though it smells awful, I would definitely do this over and over again till my hair is more healthier. All women out there you should give it try.

Also note that blending different oils together and giving your hair a good massage works wonders too.
Some hair care natural experts are:
Castor oil, Vitamin E oil, organic coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, lemon or lime juice, neem, aloe vera gel, etc.

You could also use fruit paste like banana or avacado etc. for making hair masks.
Adding alil lemon or neem leave juice to a mixture of oils can help fight dandruff problems.
Do a little research to find out the benefits of oils for your hair according to your hair problems.

Hopefully this was helpful.  Do comment and let me know if you have anything to share or advice me.

“Health care starts with loving yourself and wanting to nurture every part of your body.  Feel beautiful by pampering yourself.  We all deserve alil treat,  so why not treat your hair with kindness sometimes. “