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DIY : Gelatin pore mask

Hey dearies,

I’m back after trying this gelatin pore mask, which is almost everywhere now.

It was truly fascinating for me to try this, because I never go to a salon to get my pores cleaned, because that usually leaves marks on my sensitive skin, so no matter which hi-end salon you suggest me, I am never getting a clean-up done, just because I’ve had real bad experiences and lost faith in that.

So since blackheads and whiteheads are such an annoying issue at times growing up, Thought why not try this.

So here’s me sharing my experience.

The first time I tried gelatin dissolved in milk, and that was so damn painful that i ended up rinsing my face with warm water instead of stripping it like any peel off mask.

So today I tried it with water, after a month with the gelo-milk experience, hoping it would give me a smoother nose and less painful experience.

So , it did.  How amazing is that ?

Here’s what is required :



A gelatin strip ( 1tsp gelatin)2

2 -4 tsp hot water

A pinch of herbal face turmeric (optional)

Dissolve all these above ingredients together till you get a sticky mixture, apply it to your T-zone.


Mind you only T-zone , not entire face , because its not all that cool face peel of mask, it becomes hard and you dont want it on your cheeks. Apply to arreas where you have clogged pore, that’s usually your chin, forehead area and nose .

Also test it on your hand first, if you have sensitive skin, avoid, and apply when it’s luke warn, and not gonna burn you.


let it dry completely, for 30 mins , till hard.


Then gently peel it off from downward to upward motions, this will ensure most of your stubborn blackheads or whiteheads get sucked out with the mask.


After peeling off, your mask, and seeing the results, wash your face clean with a mild face wash , to get rid of any residue of the peel off mask.


Your pores are partially still open, so best is to moisture it. I simply used my Mint-aloe mist. So we are done.

(check my blog post:


to know about it go to this link:  https://leannerod8.wordpress.com/2017/04/17/diy-face-mist-scrubs-cleansers/  )


I will leave a few pic proofs for you to see my results, no matter how gruesome, or grossing they are, some of us believe only when there’s proof, so here how I said ba-bye to my blackheads, you can clearly see how it has sucked out my whiteheads and blackheads, those are zoomed in photos for your clarity :

Thank You. Hope this helps. Sorry for the above pics, if it grossed you.

Do share your DIY stuff with me.


DIY : Face mist + Scrubs + cleansers 

Heyyy girls…..

It’s been such a long long time I’ve shared my DIY stuff here. And I’m a crazy DIY person.

I love experimenting so much, it will make you wanto scream, “Leandra , that’s enough, and when you see a good result you’ll be like ‘ you did it’.”

ok enough of me blabbering. Since it is the horrifying summers here. I simply cannot bear this 30°C or more temperature. It makes me so sweaty, grimy, greasy and annoyed. 

So, good news,  I kinda have a few face mists you could try and make for yourself . And I assure you , you’ll love them. All of them are very easy to make and the key ingredient will be peppermint essential oil. Why, of course, it is summer , so we need that cooling mintyness .

1. Rosey-Minty mist.

All you need is like half a cup of rose water, 5-8 drops of peppermint essential oil . Caution not more, less would be better, first try 5 drops and see if your skin can tolerate it.

It does make your skin feel all sorts of nice tingly, though if you have sensitive skin, try it on your hand first and check if you can take it .

Just two ingredients here, mix it when in a spray dispenser bottle , and you’re good to go.

It feels refreshing , trust me, this is my summer fav. 

2. Green minty tea.

 Here we need a cup of green tea cooled down , 5-8 drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix it well, shake it up, store and use in a spray dispenser bottle.

Green tea works as an amazing anti-oxidant and is proved to help acne prone skin . It helps making your skin appear brighter and glowy and  kinda acne free ( when your not hit by your period storms ).

So this will work as an acne cure as well make you feel fresh for summers.

3. Mint-aloe misty-fun

here we need , half cup water or rose water, 5-8 drops of peppermint and 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera is like the most miraculous skin healer. It can help with reducing acne, the marks, blemishes, discoloration or even hydrating and moisturizing. Hell! it even helps cure burns. It sure takes time , but does give promising results.

Okay now where were we, yaaasss, let’s make the mintaloe mix and store it well in a spray dispenser.

More tips :

Just  shake it to make it. Store in refrigerator if you want it nice and cold or room temperature would do.

Shelf life : 1-2 months. Depends and how well you store. Don’t keep it in direct sunlight, we don’t want to cook it up into something else. Make it in lil quantity and  finish it off early.

DIY face ( makeup )cleansers :

1. cotton ball dipped in milk and honey mix .

2. cotton ball soaked with the goodness of pure coconut oil/ olive oil.

3. cotton ball soaked in equal parts of Apple cider vinegar and water ( dont use it near or on your eye area, simply because its acidic, and that skin is highly sensitive.)

4. Cotton ball dipped in aloe and milk mix.
Face scrub/pack :

1. oats soaked partially in milk , enough to make a soothing scrub.

2. green tea powder after brewing the tea. You can use what you thought was waste to oxidize your skin and add a glow instantly. Either as a scrub if it’s in powder form or make a paste if its organic  meaning there are tea leaves and use it as a face pack.

Taaaddaaaaahhh dearies   and I’m done… 

Hopefully that was helpful.

Thank you. Do share your DIY face tips with me. 

Fear Can’t Control “ME”

I’m nervous, I’m scared,

What should I do?

All I can see is red!

Should I run? Should I face?

Should I let my fear- me embrace?

Must I swallow it down? with a frown I think…

Will it matter? If I ran?

But what if I choose to hold firm? will I earn any grand?

What do I lose? What shall I gain?

Chaotic thoughts! Leave no grudges down this lane.

Fear is something that lives within each one of us. It may be in the form of insecurity, fear of loneliness, fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of betrayal, fear of loss, fear of all negativity turning into reality, fear of feeling unwanted, fear of darkness, fear of the harshness of truth, fear of seeing you own reflections, fear of the mask you imagine people wear, fear of death, fear of heartbreak, fear of having no reasons to smile or laugh or love or be happy……. fear is something that many can hide beneath their brave facades but it is something that never leaves us , no matter how much we boast about conquering it.


It’s there, like a shadow. Face the sun, and it will fall past you.

Everything is in our hands. How we conquer it? How we try facing it? How we believe it can’t possess us without our permission!

We have the ability to fear our fears but what’s more sensible is accepting the ability to refuse adamantly to give in to these fears that shadow our path of light with darkness.

We all are like the sun, with so much light to brighten our life and also that of all around. We have it within us. The power to shine. The power to be a lighthouse that can glow even when the lights low.

We have in us the ability to do everything that can revive us, rejuvenate us , refresh us and rebuild us to out-grow our weaknesses, to overcome all grudges, to give in to the magic of positivity.

ecfffeee494042e13df8ff5d03199215Fear is more a mind game. It’s your mind. You can control. YOU CAN WIN. CHOOSE.



Practice the art of loving yourself with all the fears that run deep. Love yourself so much that you will fight to not give in to your fears. No nightmare will be worse than running away from your fears. Be passionate to live without anything holding you back. Keep moving forward.

Face them. Draw strength from the one thing that gives you boundless power. Remember that one thing in you weakest hours. Be humble to accept you are weak. But be courageous to overcome and out-shadow what you can put behind you. Build the shield around you that no sword can break.

Bravery is an act. Strength is the power. Your Will is the key.

Master the art of taming your fears.

Reach out within. All answers lie there. Deep buried under the linen of fear. Bring it forth. And lay beneath to rest in peace all that you can do better without .