DIY : Mascara hacks

​Shoutout to all my girly friendz…. This one is for you..

#Lifehacks #DIY #doityourself #mascara 

Let’s do something interesting and healthilicious for our lashes and brows… 

Step 1:

Grab an old mascara container (empty one hopefully ) clean it thoroughly.

Step 2:

Make a mixture of :

Aloe vera gel

Castor oil

Water (just to get the right consistency)

Step 3: 

Put it in the bottle (this is where you have to be patient and break your head … putting that thing in that tight necked bottle is a pain… mind you 😂) 

Step 4: 

Use it as a gel mascara and gel brow definer with the wand / applicator.

Benefits :

1. Aloe vera gel 

Let me remind you #ALOE_VERA_GEL is a lifesaver in many beauty hacks. It improves skin texture and stimulates hair growth.
2. Castor oil 

If you have dreamt of thicker and darker lashes and eye brows then castor oil is a go to doctor.
Well , I’ve used water to get the right consistency. Because both aloe vera gel and castor oil are very thick, so to get a good gel  not runny mixture a few drops of water never hurts. 😂

You can also use other oils like almond or coconut oil instead of water, but since I’m an oily skinned creation I’m sticking to one oil and darling water for my health hacks.

Please note :

This is only a health hack. For nourishment of eye lashes and eye brows. Please dont even expect it to turn out to be  a water proof or water resistant solution . 

Just kidding. Just warning.
Best time to apply this is before you sleep.
Since I have no patience to use cotton buds and get my face all greasy , alil DIY hack doesn’t hurt. 😉
Just felt like sharing. 😉😉😉😉😉

Even writers enjoy #DIYhacks
Also the benefits of aloe vera gel, castor oil, other oils and water are endless ….. google for more info..(sincere apologies) I’m lazy to write more.😂😋

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