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Girl you got the fire.



No I’m not gonna say “keep your head high girl and blah !” Let’s get this straight. 

“GIRL IF YOU REALLY WANT SOMETHING, work your ass off , work so hard, that ‘luck’ is not a word in your diction, your lifestyle is not about fate and good fortune. Earn your life and live it. Slay your way every day, even in baggy clothes and no mascara, because you are YOUR OWN QUEEN . BELIEVE IN YOUR WORTH, that no one can define you , only you can be your own definition. Love yourself so much, that no one can let the fire within die. Make mistakes. Make tons of them. Because that’s how you will learn your way out. Let people talk, jeez just let them, they need the gossip to thrive. Don’t let that bother you. Stress is caused by giving a damn. No one changes you without your consent. Get this right in your blood. NO ONE CHANGES THE ESSENCE OF YOU. NO ONE. You can keep your head all around the world, wrap it in your arms, but so long you are breathing, make sure you nurture kindness to yourself as well as around. Be brave, and determined. It’s okay to feel lost, and not know the tomorrow. Uncertainty is the key cause of anxiety. Everything will be fine. Even if not. No queen backs down. Fight my warrior. Fight and stand tall. Fight and work hard. Fight and make it happen. Chase your dreams, breathe in happiness, create your peace, and learn the art to not give a damn about tons of things that are is unwanted noise in your vibration. VIBRATE HIGH. SPREAD GOOD VIBES. And at the end of the day if you can sleep with a conscious that screams “Girl you did right. And tomorrow will be even more fantastic. Now let’s go relive those crazy dreams.” You are doing it right. 

Hustle love! Hustle. -Leandra 


I will be..



From the Shadows I walk out to the Light

I am never looking back

Never standing stuck in fright! 

What’s before me is all I can see:

My dreams and who I have to be!

I want to be so much more than What I am..

In every darkness I will light  my never-dying lamp. 

Every ugly flaw that degrades me,

Will be my key

To unlock new doors and see,

that happiness costs no fee. 

Every foolish mistake that burnt me,

Will remind me that my light is still glowing ferociously!

And that what burnt to ash

Is now dust and forever dust it shall be. 

I will not let the dust, dirty the path that will lead me on to find me…

I will be the light that brightens my world.

I will be my Dream in Real.

I will change every threat into an opportunity

and enjoy the dark clouds in the pouring rains..

because I know Where I will finally be

there is an eternally glowing light  everywhere I’ll see.

I will ask the Universe  to serve me- what I want,

and it will grant my wish ,with its magic wand.

I will laugh, giggle and shout with glee,

I will enjoy being who I am supposed to be.

I will attract my dream towards me,

Live it day-by-day passionately!

and everything will be an amazing tell-tale of my story

just how I mean it to be.

All I need is me,

And the same I’ll never be.

I will change, burn like a flame 

I will play this life game.

I will bounce back from every failure 

above it I will hop..

I will climb higher and higher 

until I reach the Top.

I will change my life 

from better to best..

I am the potter 

and will mould the clay until it’s shaped to set.

That’s how I want my Canvas…

And when I see it turning grey,

I look around for brighter shades,

Not soon I find the red I want,

But I keep searching , not wanting the black to haunt.


As soon as I find the colour pots,

I want them all to mess the grey spots,

Hide the black, fill all gaps,

Re-design my life map.


Oh Canvas! Oh Canvas! I want you all bright.

But if you’d show me my life,

Shouldn’t you be alike?


And thus, I add back the grey,

and alil of black,

And there’s my canvas

with all colours intack.


Take a step ahead.

Before you start I don’t have this and that.

Your tomorrow will never come.. You need to Stop complaining.. Stop looking for what is less and more and this and that..Stop thinking so much..
Just do it..


… Remember you can’t buy the time that goes by..
Do something with your passion..

Create your opportunities rather than waiting for things to come your way or happen the way you want..

WAITING is wrong.. Your talent and capabilities are your weapon.

Be wise and use it.

Inspiration is a feeling that drives you to be a happy satisfied being.

We all need it. It adds friction or should I say fluidity to our movements in life.

Life needs to be lived in an artistic way. Live in the colours, flow in your passion, strike out and design and keep redesigning till you see the picture your mind weaves.

Our palettes are always so full, yet we complain for shades we desire not once giving a thought to what is there is actually what we deserve. We let it dry. And then we wail.


Why is it tough to appreciate what is around us, in us and within our reach?

We know we shouldn’t be looking at shut doors but we still fail to see the doors that are open and slowly closing without our knowledge.

We know what is right and what is wrong.

We know it. But the problem is WE DON’T ACT. We don’t take a step. We are too damn busy trying to figure out the meaning of our neighbour’s canvas rather than glancing at our own.

No-one will solve your problems for you. Not even GOD. Because you are given them, to learn, to grow, to embrace your fears, to become more than what you are.

Accept your palette and paint your life. Sketch it, imagine it, feel it, dream it, and finally just get yourself together and throw your colours across. Design and keep redesigning your life canvas.


Small things I feel that can give peace:

  • Don’t be a critic. But be an appreciator.
  • Don’t be proud. But be humble.
  • Don’t ask questions. But be an answer to the unanswered.
  • Don’t feel accomplished. But be hungry to grow above everything.
  • Don’t quit. Every end is a new beginning.
  • Don’t feel sorry. But learn to never repeat a mistake.
  • Don’t hesitate. But speak politely.
  • Don’t just hear. Listen.
  • Don’t expect. But be cautious.
  • Don’t imprison yourself. But always find a way to set free.
  • Don’t command obedience. But ignite the flame of inspiration.

I can go on. But the ultimate key to peace is GOD– the other name for Eternal love.

HE can help you design the most exquisite canvas.

The FOUR Ps.


To walk down a road, we need to know the destination. What is it that the road we choose may lead us to?

Finding the meaning of your breath , of why you’re even alive! That’s purpose.

We aren’t totally aware of this purpose at any point of time in our entire life. Sometimes it’s as vivid as the day, sometimes it’s as dark and blurry as the night.

There’s got to be something that evokes in us a PASSION .i.e; completely undefined, something that drives us crazy enough to face all storm-winds to reach right there where we feel complete, where one purpose ends and another begins.

All we need is a small push. A channel that leads us step by step, road by road, closer and nearer to a finer purpose to live life.

Name it what you want…. goal, dream, aim, target, object, destination… anything at all. It all sums up to one thing “PURPOSE”.

A purpose that ignites the flame of passion to achieve through perseverance is what we all sought in life.

Purpose can be anything, be it small or big, upon fulfilment it gives us the same thing- satisfaction. It only grows stronger with every step we take in life. It becomes clearer as we start to understand life. It’s a growing hunger to live up-to what we are capable of.

Patience – the power of endurance. The key to be persistent enough to reach the pinnacle of our very existence.

Inside us lies a burning desire that can be kept hidden for years but one can never forget.

Everyone has at least once questioned “what purpose have I come to serve through this gift of life?”

And one of the many answers would be :

Purpose to live will never be self-destruction. And by choosing evil we do nothing else but that. And by evil I mean everything. Be it anger, hatred, violence, vices, utterance of foul words, inflicting hurt, falling prey to temptations, being judgmental, greedy, selfish, lamenting, complaining, blaming, …….and so forth.

When you open your eyes, and watch the world, observe the pain etched in every face.

There should be a part of you that wants to reach out.

To spread one smile everyday , to do good where good can be done, to leave the bad when your purpose has just begun.

To know that the climb will be painful, and you will fall no matter how much you try to be cautious. To become stronger and determined to persevere.

To believe in oneself and be persistent to fulfill the purpose.

To be passionate about the journey and foresee the hurdles and be prepared.

Life is an adventure. It’s not a jolly ride always. There are gonna be moments when you’ll hang upside down or you’ll be throw for a toss. Play you best move.

And never forget the purpose,

your inner strength- the passion,

your armour – perseverance and persistence,

your sword – patience.

Racing towards my Dream!

Running my own race

Oh! I cannot sleep!

Cause when my Dream hits my face

It hurts very deep.

Bad I think, and bad I get!

So why not good?

No question of regrets.


I’ll walk tall, I’ll run through it all,

It’s my race,

No one will for me face.


I’m stronger each time I fall,

I’m a fighter, cause when am down I still crawl.


I’ll reach the end, claim my land,

hold my dream, with a victorious scream.


There’s no need to cling,

Just let go of all nasty things,

Cause now it’s “Me and my dream!”

Right through me like a light beam-

Happiness will glow and Laughter will flow,

Only when I’ll never stop running after

My desperate dream!


Am at a phase in life, where sacrifices alone will lead me to my dream.

All of us will certainly have one such desperate dream or aim.

Something that makes or gives your life a whole new direction , a meaningful purpose .

We often have enough excuses and situations that make us question this dream, whether running after this dream will be worth it? or whether its best if we try finding a different purpose for our life? Some of us , may even get a different purpose, maybe even better than what you gave up.

But there will be a time , when you will still have this question hanging around the space you breathe in :

“How would my life be, IF ONLY HAD I RUN AFTER MY DREAM?”

Some of us may have regrets, while some might be the lucky ones feeling what they have is better than what they let go.

“The dream that creates  a feeling of regret in you after you let go of it, is the dream YOU SHOULD RUN AFTER!”

“It is NEVER TOO LATE TO RUN, to race, to submit to your dreams.”

REMEMBER this always:

“I am here, on this earth,  to Live ONE RACE- MY OWN RACE. No one else can run it for me. Neither can I run their race for them. If I’m still breathing- then my life still has an unfulfilled purpose, the race is still on, it needs a direction, the path towards the dream that will satisfy the hunger of my spirit. And I alone can make this happen.”

Life is a gamble, you gotta make tough choices.

The more you understand, the interesting it gets.

The more you dig, deeper you go.

The more you search, even more you find.

The faster you run your own race, victory will definitely greet your face.

Be sure.





The most passionate bond is the one  between YOU & YOUR DREAM.

Life is a Bumpy bus ride

I’m sure we all have had a bus ride, have had a window seat, or stood among the crowd in the narrow pass it provides. What all happens in there ? Sometimes we have to sit beside people perhaps we would never like to deal with. Sometimes we meet people who have a great impact on us within a few moments. Sometimes we look out the window and gaze at the nature sprinting past us. When the bus stops we feel stuck too and wait for it to move on and drop us to our destination. Sometimes we meet rude people as well as sweet ones.

When we were small we would think that it isn’t the bus moving forward but the nature outside that is running on and we are stationery.

Now you’ll will be wondering why am I bringing up the topic of a bus.  Right?

Well that’s simply because I relate LIFE to a bus ride.

A bus ride is a journey from where we are to where we wish to go or rather be. Isn’t life the same?

Life is a bumpy bus ride. It’s never a smooth one (if we remember our roads ). There are so many ups and downs. So many potholes jerking us from our seats or making us jump. Not always there’s a promise of a comfy seat. Not always will there be a companion you can think of as a friendly stranger. There are bound to be moments when you meet the wrong or people you’d not rather share a seat with.

There are those whom you can help out- how? giving your seat or carrying their luggage or standing up for them when you think you should. Don’t we do this in life? Helping out those who mean something to us? try to share their laughter and sorrows? help them carry their burdens? advice them? fight ? Sometimes even give up something we love or something that gives us comfort for those who we can do good to? Give away a smile? Or a daring stare to those with ruthless eyes?

There are spectators everywhere whether a bus ride or life. People are bound to judge you or criticize whether in their minds or on your face. Just remember that they like you are having a bumpy bus ride too, so keep calm and hold up your shield against such attacks and just stay aloof and do your work. Waste no energy or time on something so reckless and unworthy. If you know your worth and what you are, am sure no sly comments or thoughts should be enough to make lose your cool.

“Do what you Love. Love what you do.”

What you see sprinting past you become memories you leave behind. You may forget most of the journey except for somethings that will be unforgettable.

MEMORIES CAN NEVER BE FORGOTTEN whether GOOD or BAD.  All you have to learn is how to deal with them, as and when you face flashbacks. The best way is to accept and chase them back and not run away from.

One last thing, YOU ARE NEVER STUCK IN LIFE. No matter how much you feel you are. Confused maybe. But never stuck. Just like the bus keeps moving on stops here and there and finally drops you off at your destination. Same-way in life, you perhaps take some halts here and there, collect yourself, learn something, let go of somethings, amuse yourself over the drama and the role you play and so on. In all this, whether you’re happy or sad- you keep walking on- Accept it or not. But you do.

Life is a Journey that stops only when You reach your Destination.

The more breaks you take or the many times you space out thinking you’re stuck or confused, the more farther will your destination be.

So if you wish to make it shorter and pleasant. Stop spacing out. Get a grip. Learn fast. Accept without denial. Run (forward) if you have to. Don’t walk backwards, it’s pointless unless you wish to start all over again on the same route from square one and delay all the more crossing the finish line. Walking back is accepting defeat at the hands of failure. Don’t be a loser. Hold yourself and step forward . Accept failure as a lesson.

Every failure helps you master the art to succeed. Deal with your problems without lamenting and complaining. Prioritize your wants, dreams and wishes and goals. Plan your journey.

Just like the stops the bus takes, make the stops of your life short. Let go of the people who would be better out your life. Let them leave when it’s time. Welcome the  new faces. Enjoy the journey.

Live life with a fever of Never backing down -of not clinging to your comfort zones.

Swing in the adventures. Jump high. Fall back. Climb up. Take risks. But only risks you can afford. Don’t Blow up. Make it worth. But in it all “Listen to your heart .” Do not make decisions to please but take decisions to Live better.

Rekindle the flame of goodness in you. Even a small spark is magical. You’ll live without regrets. You will live in harmony with the positive vibes. A wonderful key to an optimistic life.

When you reach your destination, if you made the journey worth it – You will carry this with you till your last. But if you didn’t- then it adds up to the meaningless things you pile up.

Your LIFE DEFINES YOU- so make sure the definition is good enough.

ONLY YOU CAN DO IT . So Dear Master of your own-Life, Enjoy the bumpy Ride.



Times Change… People Change…

Thoughts Change.. Feelings Change… Paths Change…


You.. Me…He..She..We..

all change.. CHANGE IS LIFE!

Smiles change to Tears.. Moments to Memories..

Hope changes to Faith… and Understandings To Expectations…

Love to blind Trust..

A fresh green leaf one day withers away..

small babies in time grow old..


when time plays games.. Nothing can stop the power of CHANGE.


Why nights turn to days??

Why happiness is followed by sorrows??

Things we EXPERIENCE, Things we DO, Things we SAY, Things we LEARN, Things we THINK, Things we FEEL, Things we HOPE, DREAM, WISH ,WANT.... Things we DESIRE



not because we want it to change, but “BECAUSE THERE’S SOMETHING IT WANTS TO CHANGE IN US”


not because life wants us to change, but “BECAUSE WE WANT TO CHANGE OUR LIFE”

like a spark of lightening across the darkest sky ,

a ray of hope in the smiles we receive…

signs life gives us,

sometimes we are prepared…. sometimes we aren’t..



CHANGE can be a PAIN..


we can’t avoid change but ACCEPT it… UNDERSTAND it.. GROW with it…

and let it CHANGE us for better…!