Depression- the world disease.

Depression is like a gigantic wave of tsunami  that snatches away all hopes of happiness and peace. It makes you feel like you’re drowning, hopeless, shattered, broken, miserable, pathetic, loser, worthless, suicidal, lost, afraid, anxious, low on self esteem and blaah !

It is like a blanket choking you inside out. Crashing you within. Fading away all good memories or reasons to feel good.

Its something very serious. Our world today is infested by this disease. Its not a thing that people can joke about. Some people get treated and medicated for this. But not all have the access to luxury. Not all are bold to ask for help. We all are too egoistical and society oriented. We just want to fit in without been thrown out no matter how tough it gets to breathe.

People who dont know what others go through have no right to mock them. They know nothing of how they struggle within and how brave it is to smile despite the feeling of being internally hit by a truck. The injury is not physical, not obvious to the human eyes, but its there. Its an emotional deep wound. That perhaps gets healed in time and also by being with the right set of understanding people that help you cope and learning and practicing the therapy of self love and respect.

If everyone knew the struggle on the rough road, no one would dare mock the other.

The world needs a check on humanity.
Depression is caused by  various things. It could be death, betrayal, business loss, career freak outs, broken marriage, hopeless parents, or children gone astray, . It can be just any thing. You cannot even imagine. Its like there’s this thing you are obsessed about, and when things go downhill, you dont know how to cope. Its trying to figure out the mess. But in trying to sort it you feel getting into deeper shit.

You’ll find a way out eventually. Dont worry. Its not a permanent phase if you rekindle a fighter spirit in you. Just dont give in. Dont stop fighting it.

It sure makes you come out stronger and wiser. Remember  the struggle of a caterpillar in its cocoon , when it finally comes out , its something it never was before. Its a vibrant butterfly. Wings and colours. The caterpillar itself weaves the cocoon from which it hasto break free one day. Similarly we dig our oceans of depression drowning deeper, and only when we feel suffocated – we struggle and kick our limbs in the water. How else will you learn to swim ashore if you dont kick in , and fight at the odds and try to come out of the depths?

What an overwhelming feeling that is to overcome something that scared you to death!

The most common thing people tend to say  in these times “its time to move on , let go, leave it behind.”

Its annoying sometimes , but hey they are just looking out for you. No need to get all hulk on them for being worried about you.

Letting go is not forgetting the torment,
But letting go is feeling  that whatever depressed you in the past, no longer haunts you. Its that moment when you come at peace with yourself.

Be brave. Its not easy climbing uphill when there’s no path carved. But you can reach out to the top , if you dont give in and be determined to keep your focus on where you need to be.

You can , if you wish. And if you Will.


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