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#4 Finding Me

Mindlessly wandering in the wilderness,

Where her soul finds its peace.

Each step forward was tough,

But it liberated her imprisoned spirit.

What once she thought was a lost battle,

Was the very beginning of a comeback they never wished.

She wasn’t ever meant to fit in,

Why bother taming her flaming wings ?

And in her heart she knows now what’s right,

Yet she chooses the choices of her upbringing.

Blame it on how they raised her,

The lioness wearing the heavy robe of goodness.

If she could unleash the beast within,

Wouldn’t it be amusing to see the world writhing ?

But that is for a day in the unknown,

For now she’s keen on calming her mourns ,

She is adamant to rekindle what’s torn. 

She has never lost a battle,

She hasn’t given up , she never settles .

What awaits is an unfolding blessing,

For now is the present she is still unwrapping.

_ L E A N D R A _

My journey with words always fascinates me. This person who writes, is the me that sets herself free.

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#6 Her_thoughts 

​The yesterday introduced her to the lessons

that made her hungry

to live in a world

that would never need her 

introduction ever.

She is infinite



She is love, passion,

courage, kindness


an achiever.

She can fail,

but she can’t be 


#1 Nature’s lessons

​Thorns… they can hurt you. But they are such a marvel to look at. 

Life makes you walk over thorny bushes, remember that those times are needed to make a marvel out of you.

If you wish to see a better you, the walks that hurt bad cannot be avoided.