Shapes and sizes.

Figures and prices.
Material world with Immaterial drama,

Overthinking is kicking worse than karma.
Problems more in mind than real,

Almost everyone’s learnt the hard twirls.
Can I scream and not be called crazy ?

Can I not laugh because not all things are funny ?

Can I kill because sweetheart you’re frustrating me ?

Can I just pause, and take life easy ?
And when at the peak of giving up,

If I find a new hope, 

should I take the rope ?

And not think if its just another way of life breaking what’s broke ?
_ L E A N D R A _
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There is always something that fills you with wonder.

Even on the day that you feel wasted, there is something that counts.

Living each day at a time, will teach you to appreciate the #NOW you live in.

Let the worry of tomorrow, stay where it belongs.

Let Now be the most you can live .

Let today be the present you unwrap.

Let it be enough.

Let it fill you with contentment.
It is now that matters.

It is this breath that I take, make me live the next moment.

It is now that I can anticipate better,

Because “Now” is what makes me calmer.

“Now” is what makes me better.

“NOW” is only what should matter.

Positive vibes 

No dreams. Just Goals.

No expectations. Just reality.

No fake friends. Just a few real.

No drama. Just positive vibes.

No anxiety. Only courage.

No what ifs. Only why not!

No pretense. Only clarity.

Well hello Life! I’m ready, bring it on.

This year is the year I build myself.

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Shoutout: Teach them to Love oneself.

​Have you seen kids nowadays ? So conscious of how they look, what they wear ?

Not just kids. It is everybody and anybody.

The world is raving about losing weight to stay fit, or getting fairness creams to change the colour of your skin. I mean, ofcourse there’s a miraculous formula to fight the Melanin in your skin. Like seriously. 

Apply this oil to lose cellulite, 

follow that diet to lose weight, 

take this supplement for an alert brain,

Have this tea to relax,

And bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaa.

Maybe some of the things do work out for some people. But not for all.

The main point here is :

Why isn’t there any initiative taken to help people to learn to love themselves first ? To help them accept themselves? To help them learn to love their edges ? Fat or thin or fair or dark or normal or psychic or smart or beautiful or lacking what the world has on its endless racist and discriminative list of perfection?

Why is it so difficult to accept our kids the way they are ? Have you ever paused and thought about what they might be going through ?

I have known some who hate themselves so much that they have resorted to self harming.

Depression is an everyday unreadable disease. It hits all at some point of time. Some brave can face it alone , some need therapy, what about those endless who have no freaking idea what depression is , how to deal with it, how to control anxiety attacks ? How to control pessimism ? How to practice optimism ? 

We have this idea that there wasn’t any need for awareness of such earlier and so it isn’t necessary now. But times have changed. Nuclear families, more of introverts, pressures work-personal- studies, phone addictions, personal interactions are less, comparisons , the picture of ideal role models dumped on you, etc.

People have different emotional quotient in them. Some deal with the extremes and some almost have none. This is serious. There are suicides rising on a large scale, most of them youngsters.

The psychological effect of things we say  , do or talk about is unseen . No one knows what affects the person next to you drastically or what lingers on their mind. Humans are either sensitive or pretentious. 

As adults, we know what to do with our lives, and how to not over-react to changing situations and control and manage through the gambles of life. 

But what about kids ? At such an early age , instead of enjoying the simplicities of life, they are always on their toes to win everyone’s  expectations for them, look presentable, get good grades, have the latest stuff (gadgets) , addictions to social media, attention seeking, etc.

They are basically seeking love, attention and they want someone to tell them that they are good enough. We dont see that. 

It is really high time we give this a thought. 

And try to help them LOVE THEMSELVES FIRST. 

They need to learn to love themselves. BECAUSE they are losing themselves under the pressure of cruel expectations.

Self hatred , the feeling of not good enough, starts at home, school, college or workplace.

No kid deserves to be compared.

No kid has to go through the bully of being tagged by some cruel name or word.
How can you call someone in a degrading name ?

Does it make you feel superior world ?

Tell you what, you are cruel.
It’s the need of the hour to help youngsters accept themselves and be okay with what they are.

New year resolutions – 2017

PRAY ,even when you feel not to. Because Power in Prayer can bring a miraculous change in your life. If you pray, pray with Faith.

Love yourself so much that even what others dislike about you, is something you cherish.

When you love yourself enough, you can love others completely.

Have so much courage, even when you fall, you only see the next step… that means… you gotta rise and move forward.

Stand for yourself, because if you can’t  be your own protector, you’ll end up being someone’s victim.

If any day starts with a bad mood or uneasy feeling, close your eyes, take a breath, and say …” it’s only in my head…it’s not real”… so it’s time to smile and face the day fighter!

When ever you say “there’s no time”… pause and think where did it go… ? Change your lifestyle to get enough time to work on what holds you back from achieving the most.
Live life. Live moments. Laugh enough. Say bye to bad vibes. It’s good to say no when you know it’s the right thing to do.

And the right thing to do, is sometimes based on your instinct and sometimes on facts but NeVer ever on what other people think is right for you.

Do you understand that muffin ? You gotta do what is right when you feel it is right.
Fear cannot control you. So do not ever let it. Live life without the worry of tomorrow, it’s still not yours. Live life without fear, because only facing them will help you realize, that you feared something that was indeed an adventure that helped you grow.
It is not important to only make friends. What is important is to keep them. See that you have those that will walk with you through life.
It is exactly the right time to examine the past year, and not have a repeat of mistakes done, to achieve goals that did not get ticked off your list, to work on dreams that once you had so much hope for.
HOPE is vessel that refills itself on it’s own when empty. But FAITH is that water that will never let your vessel of HOPE go dry. And LOVE is the fountain where you find peace.

Everything is temporary. You , your situation, pain, exams, … Even life. So stop over stressing over things that you are better off without. Stop stressing over things that you can’t control. Sometimes trust the timing of your life, let it unfold, and let it help you, you should understand by now that experiences are friends that help you grow. Accept that. Maybe life is not as hard as you feel it. Have patience your efforts will be rewarded in time.

When you invest yourself into relations (be it a sister, daughter, friend or more) , you are not only investing  your time, your feelings, but you are investing your-whole-self here. So be sure of what you get yourself into. No expectations. No regrets. Do what you love, out of love.

Many more coming up…. 

#19 Random thought of the day

I have more scars than you see,

Lesser flaws than you believe.

Each time my hope is born,

somehow World, you never let it live,

until next  dawn.

Trials and tribulations,

Joys and celebrations,

Why am I your favourite pawn ?

Only this once, I  said “NO”,

And yet again you failed me,

you laughed as you tossed me,

into  another storm.


​There was a time when I would run away from photographers and my pics… 
Why ?

Because then I believed  I was too damn ugly to even look at. 

Even the world made me believe that.

All I could see was a girl with caramel skin, she wasn’t fair , she wasn’t stick thin. She was way too flawed to look at. Even the mirror would be her enemy. Wonder why Snow White was the benchmark for the colour of skin to be called the most beautiful ?

But now things have changed. So have I.
I dont believe in being ugly.

I believe in changing into the person I can confidently say is myself.

Now it’s not the world that can define me.

Because now I am not ashamed of who I am.
I am the definition I wanted to be. 
It was not the standards of beauty the world sets that I had to fight.

It was my battle within, that I had to conquer.

They say ” you are what you want to be. The product of your thoughts.”

And I believe it is very much right.

When I am me , the me I believe in, the me that is confident, that is not ashamed, that has accepted the self I am, 

that is the me the world will see and accept. Because this time, there’s no question for doubt or choice I give the world to choose from.
Simple enough. Isn’t it ?

Accept me as I am. Or watch me as I go. 

In the end your first choice should always be :

  • Self acceptance
  • Self respect
  • Self love.

Words. Some false. Some harshly true. – Let it cast a magical spell. Over me and you..!!

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