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Dear Future Husband #8


Today my mom dad complete 30years of togetherness. It feels surreal. This moment. I’m so overwhelmed.

Kinda listening to “perfect -Ed Sheeran” on repeat. And dreaming of us dancing to this.

This moment here , now, is perfect. Even though I prayed only and only for my parents today. 

I hoped that we share what they have someday.

They make each other not just look perfect but remain perfect. Touchwood. 

30 years is a remarkable journey don’t you think?

Being friends, husband and wife, daughter and son, daughter in law and son in law, sister in law and brother in law, godparents, aunt and uncle, and incredible parents.

Every part , they have been great .

Will we be like this ? As much as fear often grips me at not finding you or not finding this with you, I just know in this moment, that we shall. With God with us everything will be just perfect.

It’s a nice wait love. I get to write you letters, words that perhaps I might have not voiced had you been here now. But that doesn’t mean I do not want you to show up. Because I am waiting.

I , the person who lacks patience, is being patient waiting for you, and somehow this hope , in this moment is enough.

I already am feeling a zillion things each time I have a dreamy glimpse of a future, it’s like having a part of you near me.

Please find your way to me, letters are waiting to be read.

Your’s in God’s time,

Your future bride .

Dear Mom & Dad

As we thank God Almighty for your 30 beautiful years of togetherness, let’s recall the 7 years prior 30years where this journey actually began. 

For the first few initial years, you’ll might have had thoughts whether what you’ll had would last ? would it be a forever thing ? You’ll might have envisioned your lives, a family , might have spoken together about many such dreams. 

From initial doubts of a forever, to hope nearing your marriage, and to pure love as you’ll remained faithful to each other for 30 blest years, there might have been a few hardships , that now must have been a thing you could laugh about or forget, there might have been moments of sheer joy, and there might have been situations of confusions. But you’ll made it. All together with God. 

And that is remarkable. 30+7 wonderful years growing evermore in love and learning each other so thouroughly that no day is a day off from sharing your love through words or actions, whether it may simply be “Have you taken the medicine ?” “Switch off the T.V. and come to sleep.” “This is for dada and this is for you.” “Keep quiet. Let her be.” 

Even as you have your cute fights and made me and Row the referee. There was / is love underlying with everything you’ll do for each other.

Even those possessive glances and mocking jokes, the happy hugs, and the fun in wearing matching matching clothes.

I have , as a child and even now , watched your fairytale unfolding before me. 

And there is simply no other one on my top list but yours.

Not even Cinderella or Snow white or Beauty and the beast, could make me yearn for what you’ll have, what you’ll share.

For love like this is a journey towards eternity. 

For love like this is worth everything.

For love like this is a safe haven in harsh realities.

For love like this is pure bliss.

My best fairytale will always be you.

Someday I hope Row and me are just as blest as you’ll are to find a home in the person we marry, by God’s will and grace.

And I pray that your health – be evergreen, and so someday our kids (when they are born) get to witness the love you’ll share so they may, like us, want what you’ll have, because your love makes us want to be good and compassionate always. 

Love you both infinity. Love you’ll so much. Please forgive us the many times we wrong you and take you for granted. You’ll are our Home. You’ll are our safe Haven.

Happy 30 years of incredible togetherness .

God Bless you’ll, your love and your forever.

Your children always,

Rowan & Leandra.

Dear Future Husband #7

Hey love,

This will be my endless wishes when it comes to you.

I just want you to stand beside me,

holding my hand so proudly,

I just want to sing through the darkest nights,

knowing you’re right by my side.

I just want your arms to lead me on,

your brave chest for me to lean on,

I want you to be with me for the rest of my life ,

smiling forever knowing you’re mine.

And here as now I stand under this enormous sky,

missing you more daily, that’s not a lie,

awaiting for you makes my heart cry,

I’m dying daily you’ll never know why,

All that you ought to know is,

thinking of you, My love, my days pass by.

I wish you were here, sitting beside me,

staring at me, so I could loose myself into your stunning eyes,

I wish I could know, what you might feel about me,

a “No” from you will kill me alright!

I just wish I could know for sure you will be mine,

I just pray for you day and night.

Thinking about you, knowing that you are out there somewhere  caught up with your life, hoping that you too are praying for me like I am for you. And waiting for God to lead us to each other. I am waiting for our story to begin.
Ironic, that I haven’t met you as yet, and I am missing this notion of your presence around already.
Take care love,

Your’s in God’s time ,

Your future Wife.


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Oh Crying Lanes.

​Sweet hopes, Sweet tears,

gushed down the stream of fears,

bitter smiles, happy pains,

Oh Crying lanes,

Oh Crying lanes.

It’s a winter’s game, am all insane,

I thought I had no more pain!

It was the day we somehow met,

there was no need to talk, no need to fret,

Oh Winter’s game, am trapped again.

The feel, the air, the twinkling stars,

My heart did a flip dance behind the rib bars,

fragrance of romance,

those christmassy laughs,

Oh the Winter’s game,

Oh Crying lanes,

Oh Crying lanes…

Why did the paradise collapse ?

When did all wishes become regrets ?

Oh Crying Lanes  don’t make me insane,

It’s a winter’s game, Oh what pain !

Waited for nothing,

I won’t wish again,

Why the bells chimed ?

So unfair, you weren’t there.

All memories got stained,

Oh Crying lanes,

Don’t remind me of the winter’s game,

All hurts, what pains !

I’m drained, Oh Crying lanes !

(This was written in dec 2012… when I was hung up over a stupid crush. … Oh Man! I whined so much.. It makes me laugh now, the over exaggerating me, .. Lol.. But nevertheless it was a good write up . Won’t you agree ?)


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Dear Future Husband #6

Heyyyy honeyyyy,

today I’m  happy, for no reason,…

so I have a poem for you….
Walk with me ,

because only when you do,

You’ll know I’m your sunshine 

for the darkest days,

and your joy on the brightest.

Walk with me,

Because sometimes I’m the fire you need to feel fuzzy,

because I’m the twinkling sparkle in the crazy valley.

Walk with me,

because even when I’m gloomy,

You’ll have the best to read,

& while I write, you could watch me in my groove,

and a tadbit of jazz will help lift my spirits.

So Honey just walk me,

because when Im chirpy,

I will make you dance,

and sing crazy,

I’ll write u all the letters when I whine,

and you could tease me as we dine.

Just walk with me

Your’s in God’s time ,

Your love forever.

. … L e a n d r a … .

Someday for you #DFH .
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Dear Future Husband  #3

Hey love,

I’m back.

I’ll be waiting to ask you,

What love means to you .

I don’t quite know it myself but the love that I’d want to have with you,

will simply be that smile of holding your hand,

that squeeze of reassurance you’ll give me & I’ll give you , when we each need a push,

that early morning hugs, and good night kisses.

that feeling each time I’ll look at you, and feel my heart explode with happiness,

that feeling of possessiveness, not utterly, but the sweet one knowing we belong.

that jolly atmosphere when we cook together, and even if things burn, we can laugh together.

those moments of us walking silently down the street, or along the shore.

some long rides, some mushy surprises,

so much laughter.

Love is acceptance of our imperfect selves, so we don’t have to fit in the puzzle, we just have to make room for each other, together.

Love is trust, faith, hope & belief, which only grows in time.

Love is being hungry to do good to you, for you, always.

Love is a forever together.

Love is being compassionate and merciful and forgiving, and helping each other to regain life balance.

Love is not just being there, it is feeling the presence even in the absence.

It may not be the happily ever after,

but that feeling of having you,

will make me happy.

What I’ll wait is for the day where even after 50yrs together we shall never get tired of our company.

A love that is an eternal friendship, deep understanding, so many unspoken words reflected in our eyes, read with clarity,

learning about each other, every day,

and each tear of sadness, embarrassment or grief is shared in a beautiful harmony of our hearts.

I’m not sure I believe in two bodies one soul thing,

but I do believe in two individualities on one journey thing.

With all the sacrifices and compromises that we shall have to face, may our love of eternal friendship always thrive.

Love is the purest form of magic, love is God.

We may not start our journey being in love, may be ‘like’ , or friends, but I hope we make it to love and never fall out of this one sweet trap or should I say God’s masterplan?

Yours in God’s time,



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Dear Future Husband #2


We still have yet to meet. And here I am, writing yet another letter to you. 

It isn’t as weird as some may call me mental, but then , at the moment I feel this is right.

I believe God is still planning out our meet up and life ahead. And since he knows me, and he knows I crave the forever thing like my parents, I am learning to be as patient as I can.

Anyway, apart from that , I am here , to tell you about this magical fantasy I have since a kid, of the big day. Not to scare you away with the second letter. 

From years from now, I see this.. its a vision, and a lil happy visualization doesn’t hurt, does it ?

I’m wearing this princess gown, white as snow, such a contrast to my caramel skin, it’s just beautiful, it makes me feel beautiful, with the many skirts floating around, floating my spirit too. A veil sparkling like snowflakes and glitter and pearls in a galaxy. 

I see all smiling faces around, so many people who I love, and who love me, Dad walking down the aisle with me, my strong man, my first love, My King. As sad as it makes any bride, I try not lingering on those thoughts, simply because I will not let go of their hand (my parents) to hold yours, because I can hold both. I have enough room in my heart to love you both and all around.

It does seem unfair that a girl has to always rearrange her life, but if this is fate, then so be it, I will still be a daughter & a sister forever and your love in time.

Ok back to my walking down the aisle topic, so as we walk closer to you, I see you stand in awe, and I can feel my heart soaring, to see that this is it, this is where we embark on our adventure, this is where our journey with God together begins. 

And as the nerves hit me, I let my feet carry me forward, and as sweaty as my palms are, as you hold my hand , when dad leads me to you, I know you are just as nervous as me. But in that moment, knowing that I am not alone, that we are together, gives me alil ease. 

And my fantasy stops here, at the entrance of a  church where we shall some day say “I do .”

Like no matter how I try to imagine forward, dream it , force to visualize, I can’t, somehow my brain stops right there and screams “abort mission”… lol. 

Ok .. may be God wants to surprise us. So I stopped trying to imagine further. And let time and God’s plan lead us to this unexpected moments of togetherness , joy and love. 

I know in my heart, that when I’ll know we belong ( I have no idea how I’ll know it, again I’ll hope God clarifies it to us in time) , I will not hold back on loving you with my all  ,even if that means, I let you hold the axe to crush my heart , I will believe and trust you won’t.

I think I am warming up to the idea of you, even when we haven’t met.

or have we ? 

You know as peaceful as it makes me praying for you and also for a wonderful Sis in law for me (for my big brother), it gives me hope, and patience to trust in God’s perfect timing, and knowing that even if I pray alone today, someday we shall pray together forever.

I am not really a patient person, but I try when I have no choice, reaping better fruits then unripe ones is always worth the wait. 

Also I refrain from kissing frogs , to reach my frog Prince, hoping you didn’t really end up as a frog , for me to change you to my Prince charming.

I do want a fairytale, but a realistic one, where love is the cure to our every lows and our victory to every highs.

I will write more often to you .

and hey, If you happen to come with a sign of “stranger danger” , please don’t expect me to be as sweet as my letter here.

Your’s in God’s time,