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Burst bubbles – are Lessons learn’t

Time to break some bubbles. Has this ever happened to you? somethings that once were so wonderful , now have left a sour taste in your mouth? How is it that the “once upon a time right thing” , suddenly goes all wrong? It’s like someone just burst your bubble. And you don’t quite like it , maybe because its alil rough. But guess what?

BRAVOO!!! You’re finally awake… and out of a dreadful dream.

There comes a time for most of us where we ponder about our past. How was it? And what all happened in there! And where have we reached … and where are we to go? Aaah! ….Too many questions. Now that I was saying past, there’s gonna be tons of regrets , grudges, bad stressful moments ,and so on and so forth. That’s the negative part of it. If we look on the positive side.. then there are a million more blessings and beautiful moments that have stored in them a lot of our pride, laughs, smiles , and all those goody things along the line.

We can’t toss these two sides of our past, both are part of the same coin.

There’s always gonna be some moments when we will be totally happy or awfully sad. Whether it’s the past, present or future… there are certain things we need to consider in life:

1] If you are a person who tries to reach out to people, help them live life better. REMEMBER: Whilst helping, help yourself too. I don’t mean “be selfish”. What I mean is:

“DO NOT DEGRADE YOURSELF in the process of UPGRADING your fellow beings.”

2] Learn to say NO. There are times when it is so completely difficult to say “NO”. But come-on, it’s a human right we need to exercise when needed. Just say it. “No, I’m fine with what I have.” “No, I don’t want it.” “No, I have too much on my plate already.” “No. I can’t help you.( because right now I am busy helping myself.)” “No , It’s not me that’s changed , but my vision.” A simple “No” can help you a long way. It will help you not be over-burdened. It will help you operate a healthy lifestyle where people will not take you for granted. It will give you an opportunity to work best with what all you have. Efficiency and peace you will achieve.

Just a “NO” , will remind some the importance of your presence. This “NO” will help remind you, of your lost sense of existence.

3] Never try to open closed doors. I’am sure we all as kids, have had situations- when our parents told us not to do a certain thing, but out of curiosity, we still pay no attention to the instructions and do the untold. Et voila , there comes MR.TROUBLE smiling evilly as always. We need to realise and pay attention closely to what our elders say, because they say out of experience. May not always be right, but if you think logically most of it will be right. Ignore the superstitions though. I’m sure we know to differentiate.

Well, Some doors are meant to be closed. Don’t try acting too smart, wearing a cloak of fake strength and getting all “SUPERMAN-ish”…. the power thing works in movies. In real, we are humans and we gotta deal with things the best way we can to cope better.

So, superman stuff wont work here. But if you still wish to be the nosey lil cat, go ahead and try opening the shut doors. Let me warn you, there’s more trouble you’re inviting than just a pinch because:



4] Do not over-think My dear, we’ve got one life. And even if some chunks of it ,so far, have been bad, atleast some of it has been good. DO not over-blow your brain. It needs “no sort of mental abuse”. Go with the flow. Live life. You will lose alot of things. You will gain alot more. Lessons to be learnt. Friends to be earned. Memories to be made. Optimism- don’t let it fade.

It is a torture to dwell in negativity, depressive thoughts and lost hope. No-one promised life would be a bed of lilies. But yes, many say “It’s a WALK TO REMEMBER.” Indeed it is. People come and go. Things happen. Changes occur every now and than. And this is how it will always be. we can’t cling on to anything. The world is more of temporary stuff. And let’s not forget, we are not born to live forever, but to die blissfully. Let us as well live and taste everything we are offered and what we grab.

If we fret for all we lost, then there’s no end to the agony. But if we let it just be, and move on to see the blooms in our life. There’s a possibility for many rainbows to see.

5] Live with HOPE. And IN FAITH. Hope is the incentive that motivates us to live and keep walking to see the morrows. It may be a wish, a dream … just anything.. -that keeps you going.. Just like faith. Faith is the power to trust the unknown and believe that there’s something better even in the worst. We all know what HOPE and FAITH together can do. They are like Alladin’s magic carpet. You just gotta believe , breathe and hold on to it. Because it leads you somewhere when you stand on cross-roads .

6] LET GO. IMG_155555I’m sure we all have certain grudges , mistakes and some wrong decisions for which we may have-to pay a price our whole life. I am certain we all have done enough to repair and redesign these situations. But it all just went wrong and out of control. Okay. SO WHAT? It happened. Its gone. There’s nothing a tear shed can do- to undo it, to wipe it off our burdened shoulders. There’s nothing feeling sorrier will do. But all this will only keep you mentally unstable. You maybe perfectly normal to the world. But deep within you know there’s so much of compressed emotions. So much of frustrations. So much of unhealthy thoughts.


DONT MAKE YOURSELF MISERABLE. That’s worse. GIVE YOURSELF a chance to heal, get over it, and breathe freely some air of relief.

Sleep at night not caring a damn of any messy grudges.

We need to remember that :  we do have a choice to choose the thoughts that could govern us. So let them be healthy, fresh, good and not at all part of the leftovers of yesterday. Each morning you wake, remember how good it is to feel “ALIVE”, breathing in the fresh morning sunshine, and starting a new day with a renewed spirit.

7] Be Self- sufficient. It is only when we depend on others, we sometimes face situations when we wish we’d rather not.

Expectations are not always proportionate to the acts of reality.

I don’t mean have no friends, be a loner or anything like that. What I mean here is-

Even if tomorrow you feel that you need someone, and no-one turns up beside you, you still have it in you to overpower the negativity and say and believe: “I am enough to win this battle.”

Dreaming is fine. But when you need to be realistic: Don’t waste precious time sitting to imagine, but be practical and come up with witty actions. Keep you mind on your shoulders and not your heart.

8] Be close to your POWER HOUSE. You need it all the Time.

For me its my GOD. It could be any source that could fill  you with immense strength, power, self confidence, faith, hope, understanding, wisdom , et cetera. By power-house I mean. The source on which you can depend blindly and know it will never fail you. The source that can keep the positive flame always alight and burning in you. The source that gives you boundless inspiration to LIVE to the fullest, LAUGH at all chaos and LOVE without a doubt.

   IMG_3623185376606Dear friends, Life is like the whispering wind. It blows through the meadows of happiness, over the tides of difficulty . Life is in you and around you. It is so very beautiful . Giving us opportunities to be awakened to renew ourselves every new day. Each day is a blessing to understand “what Life is this?”. That keeps you spellbound and awed in all its wonder.

Stay blest and happy.


There’s this concept or mantra I learn’t from my boss.. Of being a WYSIWYG person “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET”... Surely in some of my write-ups you’ll know that I’m more a person dwelling on thoughts and feelings..

So for me its my own concept along the similar lines .. Let me say..


  I’m more a WITIWIB person..i.e; I believe:  “WHAT I THINK IS WHAT I BECOME.”

Hadn’t I come across WYSIWYG I’d not have identified me as a WITIWIB.

What is WITIWIB?

Since its something I conclude my personality as. Let me get a little theoretical.

The basic principle I’ve come to believe on my journey and all through my experience, so far, is that


I reflect on the past and realize that it is the energy of my thoughts that have helped or pushed me through all the situations that they have attracted.

Yes, ironical but true. Every thought releases some energy in the universe, let me be precise and say rather ‘around me’.

And these thoughts govern my life.

So the quality of my thoughts will be portrayed in the quality of my life.

If I’m optimistic, patient and a girl in her goody-two shoes, okay maybe not all the time! Then it’s fair enough my life is pretty comfortable.

If I’m a pessimist, indulging in self torture, bad stuff and everything in that pot, then complaining that my life’s unfair ? Is it even my right??

Everyone has their own mantras in life. We just need to discover which one suits us. I just found mine and honestly, it works best for me. What about you?

Introspect yourself. Listen to some optimistic experienced personalities. They have something to give you, teach you, every step along the way.

We learn so much, at every stage. It’s more of becoming human than being human.

It’s finding what helps you grow better, faster and also knowing what stagnates your growth.

As we learn and unlearn, we keep growing to becoming better and there’s this understanding that only experience can offer and no book can, sometimes.

So I’ll be trying to be a better WITIWIB, accepting and adapting and growing optimistic.

As it suggests- “WIT” – I think we possess a brain that can differentiate between positive and negative thoughts and also witty and unproductive or say abusive thoughts. What are you like? Have you thought about it?

WITIWIB can go a long way, framing your personality. Boosting your confidence and helping you challenge your being to strive to better yourself from every perspective.

So, finally it’s you making a choice.

Great you think, Great you become.

Good you think, Good you become.

Holy you think, Holy you become.

Evil you think, Evil you become.

Out of the box you think, And you’re definitely NOT TO SIT IN ONE.

Positive you think, An Optimist you become.

It all sums up to the very roots of being a WITIWIB:


So Choose to THINK extraordinary, raise your thoughts to an unbiased level, and control their direction.

Because if you want to become something, Then YOU DEFINITELY need to decide the train of your thoughts.

Use your Witty thoughts… weave your personality.

Life is a Bumpy bus ride

I’m sure we all have had a bus ride, have had a window seat, or stood among the crowd in the narrow pass it provides. What all happens in there ? Sometimes we have to sit beside people perhaps we would never like to deal with. Sometimes we meet people who have a great impact on us within a few moments. Sometimes we look out the window and gaze at the nature sprinting past us. When the bus stops we feel stuck too and wait for it to move on and drop us to our destination. Sometimes we meet rude people as well as sweet ones.

When we were small we would think that it isn’t the bus moving forward but the nature outside that is running on and we are stationery.

Now you’ll will be wondering why am I bringing up the topic of a bus.  Right?

Well that’s simply because I relate LIFE to a bus ride.

A bus ride is a journey from where we are to where we wish to go or rather be. Isn’t life the same?

Life is a bumpy bus ride. It’s never a smooth one (if we remember our roads ). There are so many ups and downs. So many potholes jerking us from our seats or making us jump. Not always there’s a promise of a comfy seat. Not always will there be a companion you can think of as a friendly stranger. There are bound to be moments when you meet the wrong or people you’d not rather share a seat with.

There are those whom you can help out- how? giving your seat or carrying their luggage or standing up for them when you think you should. Don’t we do this in life? Helping out those who mean something to us? try to share their laughter and sorrows? help them carry their burdens? advice them? fight ? Sometimes even give up something we love or something that gives us comfort for those who we can do good to? Give away a smile? Or a daring stare to those with ruthless eyes?

There are spectators everywhere whether a bus ride or life. People are bound to judge you or criticize whether in their minds or on your face. Just remember that they like you are having a bumpy bus ride too, so keep calm and hold up your shield against such attacks and just stay aloof and do your work. Waste no energy or time on something so reckless and unworthy. If you know your worth and what you are, am sure no sly comments or thoughts should be enough to make lose your cool.

“Do what you Love. Love what you do.”

What you see sprinting past you become memories you leave behind. You may forget most of the journey except for somethings that will be unforgettable.

MEMORIES CAN NEVER BE FORGOTTEN whether GOOD or BAD.  All you have to learn is how to deal with them, as and when you face flashbacks. The best way is to accept and chase them back and not run away from.

One last thing, YOU ARE NEVER STUCK IN LIFE. No matter how much you feel you are. Confused maybe. But never stuck. Just like the bus keeps moving on stops here and there and finally drops you off at your destination. Same-way in life, you perhaps take some halts here and there, collect yourself, learn something, let go of somethings, amuse yourself over the drama and the role you play and so on. In all this, whether you’re happy or sad- you keep walking on- Accept it or not. But you do.

Life is a Journey that stops only when You reach your Destination.

The more breaks you take or the many times you space out thinking you’re stuck or confused, the more farther will your destination be.

So if you wish to make it shorter and pleasant. Stop spacing out. Get a grip. Learn fast. Accept without denial. Run (forward) if you have to. Don’t walk backwards, it’s pointless unless you wish to start all over again on the same route from square one and delay all the more crossing the finish line. Walking back is accepting defeat at the hands of failure. Don’t be a loser. Hold yourself and step forward . Accept failure as a lesson.

Every failure helps you master the art to succeed. Deal with your problems without lamenting and complaining. Prioritize your wants, dreams and wishes and goals. Plan your journey.

Just like the stops the bus takes, make the stops of your life short. Let go of the people who would be better out your life. Let them leave when it’s time. Welcome the  new faces. Enjoy the journey.

Live life with a fever of Never backing down -of not clinging to your comfort zones.

Swing in the adventures. Jump high. Fall back. Climb up. Take risks. But only risks you can afford. Don’t Blow up. Make it worth. But in it all “Listen to your heart .” Do not make decisions to please but take decisions to Live better.

Rekindle the flame of goodness in you. Even a small spark is magical. You’ll live without regrets. You will live in harmony with the positive vibes. A wonderful key to an optimistic life.

When you reach your destination, if you made the journey worth it – You will carry this with you till your last. But if you didn’t- then it adds up to the meaningless things you pile up.

Your LIFE DEFINES YOU- so make sure the definition is good enough.

ONLY YOU CAN DO IT . So Dear Master of your own-Life, Enjoy the bumpy Ride.


Screenshot_2014-04-04-16-16-02  And When I walk down the traveled lane..

I come across memories perfect & lame..

I watch it like a movie in Rewind motion..

Thus further drowning in this nostalgic notion..

Beautiful memories make me smile..

Oh how I know they’ll keep me warm for thousand miles..

And then What I see makes me twice blink and further think..

In those moments had I been afraid..

Why didn’t I ask myself “what would have I done hadn’t I let that fear over me cascade?

Would Life be the same?

If my fears had I tamed?”

I see the mistakes I committed and the downfalls I had..

The challenges I accepted and the lost opportunities I never before cared!

I also see that part of me who thinks she’s free.. but never was..

Laughter was indeed there and all of it wasn’t as bad.. but now that I see more clearly.. there’s a lot messed and tossed..


I say ,” Smile at all the bad, Let go and Walk along to see what better in Life you can get!

and so I move on, chucked all the bad behind a wall,

Carrying with me all that will help me when I face times where I’ll crawl..

Good & Bad I’ll always see.. Small & Big life will make me..

Why not I put a seal on Life’s package deal?

And in all it’s grandeur .. I could as well fairly LIVE in splendor..