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Painting is therapy #1

Something about textures,

Something about paints,

Something about creating something totally insane,

Something that the soul lusts for,

Something so soothing.

Something that let’s you embark on a thrilling journey, full of wonder.

It just feels good to forget 

And let my palette be my undoing.

(Yea…. That’s by me … )

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#1 Nature’s lessons

​Thorns… they can hurt you. But they are such a marvel to look at. 

Life makes you walk over thorny bushes, remember that those times are needed to make a marvel out of you.

If you wish to see a better you, the walks that hurt bad cannot be avoided.

#13 Random thought of the day 

​When we call people who ain’t using their brains as stones , have you ever wondered what stones could do ?

They build your house, they form the foundation.

They form the many monuments the world blabbers about.

Diamonds are polished stones.

Jesus has the power to turn stones into bread.

The things that you feel are worthles have the most value.

The smallest things can become the most marvelous things ever.

Never underestimate people or stones, both can transform into something unimaginable and extraordinary.

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#9 Random thought of the day 

Have you ever sat around to simply  listen to the pitter patter of the rains, watch the rain pearls hanging on the fragile branches, falling off the leaves ? Making those enchanting concentric circles in the water puddles or lakes ?

When was the last time you did that ?

What about paper boats ? Or dancing in the rain?

As kids we keep admiring things out of curiosity. As adults we find sitting around too lame.  We are always to busy to look around.

But if you dont go around and see the beauty in the smallest things, you will not find a way to rejuvenate your spirit.

Life is not always offering you snowflakes, sometimes you will have to dodge snow balls, or get hit by lemons.

It is up to you whether you’ll prefer making chilled lemonade and enjoy the bounty nature offers or prefer getting too busy to bother about  refreshing  your soul.

Live life in moments. 

Practice Self_love. Let nature fill the voids within. 

Feel blest today and everyday.

It is only :

when you love yourself, you can love others.

when you find time for yourself, you can make time for others.

when you accept yourself, you can envelope others.

You don’t need to fit in the world, you need to fix your inner world .

Only then will you realize how unnecessary it is to feel the need to fit in.

Accept peace when it is offered.

Again I repeat.

Small things. Small moments. Small steps. Smallest actions.

Have a great impact. 

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