Painting is Therapy #3

Step alil further,

step alil slower,

Chase alil faster,

mingle in the sweet afters.

Let’s run these scenic miles,

deep breaths, 

happy smiles,

calm heartbeats,

peaceful positive vibes,

drink in the beauty,

that nature unfolds,

be lost in the faded mysterious stories untold,

laugh as autumn leaves turn the world orange,

and smile as spring brings in colors of change,

dance to the melody of moody gushing rains,

sway to the clouds thundering insane,

swing in the belly of the meadows so lush,

whisper over mountain tops that in sun’s rays blush,

be smothered with kisses of snowflakes and dewy mist,

lift up your hands and fall back on the purest snow spreading your wings,

small steps across the sand, the waves which such steps chase,

hiding the past, wiping the sorrows ,

everything left behind in time is erased.

The sky is sometimes blue or white or orangish pink,

peppered with birds having feathers of the softest dreams,

Oh Nature! your touch, spreads warmth so serene,

Take me to the morrows of your banquet evergreen.


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