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Bitter-sweet moments.

  IMG_213975697623218It’s only when you start working you realise how cruel the world can be!

“Do I have it in me to make it my own?”

Change What you can, move past what you can’t.

Simple rule.

ADAPT and get yourself tuned to the music of reality.

Had started this journey  with a goal in mind
Met people  so cruel, so unkind!
….not all was good, not all was bad….
Have so much to worry, so much to be sad..
I’d often  question,” where  did it all go?”
The fun, the frolic, those laughing rows.
It was all so merry, so peaceful ,  so light.
To have friends around you day and night.

Walking this alien road,
I see so much has changed.
Lines have grown  on my forehead. Oh what strains!
How much I wish  I could  go back in time,  and live some  more.
But this is reality.  No wonder  life’s  painfully  slow.

Why do I feel it a burden?
IMG_214494818065520Can’t I make it a jolly ride?
If I have it in me! Time  will decide.

Alas! Too long have I forgotten  the goal I so wanted.
It’s time I get over these annoying  tangles, and see that my focus  doesn’t get tainted.

It’s still a journey. One I ought to live.
Let me learn to love it.
Let me be at ease.
I can. Can’t  I?
If I want to, won’t  I?
I will, will I not?

Move on,  past the things making me hold on to grudges.
I will atune myself  to the new music  of my reality.

Days tumble into night, and I wonder when will I get that break?

Always trying to make me feel lighter, no matter how much I get bit by snakes.

It’s not crude. It’s just the bitter side.


Sometimes life’s just a beautiful messy ride.



Ages after ages pass by

bringing happy and sad cries..

it may be if someone’s born,

or it may be if someone’s gone…

Life is not everlasting..

nor is it everything…

for everyone one day has to die

as his reward is an eternal life!!

No one is special,

just because happiness is more and sadness seems to be very partial..

Life is a game and we all have different roles to play.

we do not know what’s the real aim!…

nor if the very next moment we have to go back to clay.

times can be good or bad.. harsh or sweet.. fun or sad..

Life can be a drag or it can be an adventurous journey!

It’s always for us to decide what we choose our life to be..

embrace the reality or run after dreams that aren’t for one to see..


To all those who lose hope…..


Tough times become rougher….

Sad times get you all frustrated…

You’re struck with the question “Why me? when will this end?”

If you are still BREATHING in all this pain..

It means you are STRONGER to get over this rain.

Hold on to the ROPE of Your HOPE for better..

Cause when you are tossed over the seas,

you might never know when a wave leads you onto the shore..

If you fail to be strong… You’ll leave this rope… and you’ll know you’re FOREVER GONE…

SO CHOOSE.. what you see..