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For you who needs somebody .

​I want to inspire,

just as you inspire me.

I want to be there,

just as I wanted someone 

to be there for me.

I want to reach out in all your agony,

so my words may help you see more clarity.

Just as I faced my storms,

so shall you,

Just as I learnt to be calm,

I pray you do too.

And when you know 

you aren’t alone,

you’ll have more courage,

and that, I’ll pray may never turn into a blinding rage.

As your hope flickers,

you will revive your lost faith.

And when no reason you find,

you will look up to seek your purpose,

with a weary drooping spirit,

and no answers to life’s endless questions,

you shall learn to thrive,

without knowing the morrow,

with hazy visions, and shaky steps,

moving forward, will help you regain your zest.

And as from the fire you emerge,

all hot and blazing and reshaped,

you shall see your strength,

and why life had you so much scrapped.

It will make sense,

let time help you blend,

Don’t lose heart,

Darling it’s a start,

someday you shall understand 

everything under heaven has it’s own part.

It is all but – a mighty plan,

let it reveal to you, lead you to God’s hand,

hold it, as He will mould you,

open up, He will teach you,

Life is peaceful, when you’ll learn 

that tears and pain do not really you burn,

and the happiness you chase,

is indeed through the fire that sets you ablaze.


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Prayer in times of confusion and chaos.

You knew me before I was born,
You know me now,
You know everything about my yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.
I seek Your divine guidance ( the matter)
in making the right choice.
You know all that has ever been and all that ever shall be.
Help me Lord to do Your Will, to walk the path that You have chosen for me.
Help me call out to You when satan attacks amidst anxiety , chaos ,confusion, stress, sadness, grief, guilt, self loathing, anger, ……

Find out if there is any evil in me , cleanse me, heal me and guide me in the most everlasting way.
You Oh Lord, my God are all powerful. I am powerless. Without You I am nothing.  With You I have everything. Let my Faith be bigger than my fears.

If in Your knowledge, (this matter) is good for me , then make this path easy for me Lord. I seek your blessings wilst I walk this path.

But if in Your knowledge, (this matter) is bad for me, then my God, My Good Shepherd, turn it away from me and turn me away from it.
You , My Father, My comforter, the joy of my spirit, You give me all that is good.
Wherever I may be , You call me by my name, You call me Your child. You listen to my cries, You never forsake .
Help me Father be pleased with Your plans for me and help me remember that Your plans will bring me prosperity and peace.

Thank you Father. Praise you Jesus. Adore you Holy Spirit.

God has got this. He will hold me.

God is mighty.He is merciful. He is patient. Slow to become angry. Full on constant love. His love reigns through generations. He knows us through and through. He knows our today, yesterdays and tomorrows.

If the birds of the sky are taken care of, the animals, the fishes. Wont he take care of you and me? Us who he made in his own likeness. Us whom he loves more than anything. Even when we are faithless, He is faithful. He waits and never gives up on us. He forgives and refreshes us. He heals and blesses.
How magical indeed it is to be a child of the most High ? What a blessing!
Yet we fail to know His love,His plans . We doubt. We  fall prey to Satan’s advocates- fear , doubt, anxiety, pride, anger, frustration, worry…and so on.
Did God not say n number of times:

“Do not be afraid ” “I will never forsake you. My love for you is eternal.”

“I will make you victorious.” “I have great plans for you, plans to bring you prosperity and peace.” “Peace I give to you” “I have carved you on the palm of my hand.” ” through me you have everything you need.” “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened for you.”

God Almighty will help us through our battles.  He will help us be victorious. In trials let us BE STILL.  And remember He is Lord. He is our shield. Our protector. We are being prepared for a life with HIM. Let’s not get trapped in the world but find our way back to Him. Reach out and He will hold you. Ask and He will answer. He is always there.  May we all learn to become better children to our FATHER. AMEN.