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I wondered…

I wondered what it was like to be ignited ?
to sing in the dark with the rhythm of the light?

I wondered what is was like to be embraced?
to be accepted with the flaws,
to not be ridiculed or chastened?

I wondered what it was like to be free ?
to not have a soul breathing down my neck,
to not live with anxiety?

I wondered how often have I felt peace to be me?
to not look at me in the mirror and see only the imperfections,
to create within me a home?

I wondered what love was meant to do?
to heal the wounds and fade the scars ,
to create a room in my heart that glowed liked the warmest sun?

I wondered what would life be like with less of hate & lack of prejudice?
to have more of trust ,
more of understanding
& more of empowering?

I wondered, I wondered ,
I wondered again,
How would I be, had there been no spotlight my entire upbringing?
would I be someone I can’t imagine?



She belonged to the era,

where tiny Pluto was the 9th planet,

and solar system was an enchanting mystery,

where milky way in a crazy galaxy,

was like a bed of sparkles and white roses,

and now as reality sinks in,

and pluto is called a dwarf planet,

her galaxies have even more darkness ,

faint sparkles with anxiety & roughness ,

the mysteries now lie in her history,

and just as pluto is a question in the planetorial seas,

her life is filled with less sweet dreams,

and more of harsh realities.


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Me vs Them

​When I was just born,

They thought, “Poor girl, her skin is so flawed.”

They then taught me   “Don’t be racist. Do no discriminate.”

But over the years , I just realized – 

Racism was a hobby they can’t hate.

When a kid, they wanted me to gain weight.

And when I did, they are desperate to see me stick thin saying, “Love, it’s still not too late.”

They once said, “Score good grades.”

And when I did, “They mocked about petty things” . Again using swords and blades.

They promised , “We have your back.”

And then they stabbed me over and over, deep within, cutting no slack.

They smiled at my wounded self saying , “Be strong , you’ll be fine.”

And then they played me and had my nerves hanging on the lines.

They asked me, “hey, how do you do ?”

And then threw a list of things they wanted , making me wonder- why couldn’t there be just a real few?

And when I finally preferred the quiet and peace, of holding life in my own grip,

They came back barking,

“Honey, what’s wrong? Why are you like this?”

-Leandra Rodrigues.

#thisworld #heavyexpectations #realities #worldblues

Sometimes I wonder, whether I lived for them and forgot about living for me ?

So now I live for me, so they can wonder 

that I can forget about how spiteful people be.