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Hunger for knowledge

Do not be too proud to accept the fact that we actually do not know it all.
Be humble when it comes to seeking knowledge and wisdom.
Because these two are too rich and priceless and come to you in small tiny packages in time.
You don’t get the privilege to devour it all at once.
They are truly invaluable. Too rich for us all to comprehend.
Too deep for us to hear beyond the echoes in our heads.


Wonderful indeed are these two,
that make every experience a memory,
A lesson and an adventure.
The thrill and excitement to know more and more,
To learn,  unlearn and relearn,
To understand, and visualise
To listen the visions of others,
To put it all together like a jigsaw puzzle,
To have the right of having access to the resources
That enlighten and clears doubts,  making room for greater thinking and surpassing the levels of timidness and ignorance.