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Dear Future Husband #14

Hey love,

I was chatting with my friend, and she’s like where do I get these words from ? 

Words that I write for you …

Guess what I said ?

Romance hasn’t died in me , even though I’m happily single in the season of waiting . But it might just get over, since I’m pouring it all over here, so probably when you do turn up, my quota of romance might need some serious restocking. 😉

On a good note, I’m being formal I know, but it sounds crazier this way, haughty english style, I’ve been thinking. 

And me & thinking get along too damn well, and  totally out of proportion. 

When we do fall for each other, and we keep falling every day, more and more in love, I will be there to hold you, your hand, and squeeze it in reassurance when you need a boost if confidence. Love, I do not want to be your weakness, but if I am, then I’ll be honoured, but I will be proud to be your strength, and I hope we learn to be this rock of strength for each other.

I don’t see love just like strolling down the beach, getting all steamy and flirty and teasing and being totally love sick, but I see us being able to talk to each other, without the need to look at our phones every minute we are together, without the need of trying to hunt for topics to get rid of awkward silences, without the need of trying so hard to explain so either of us would understand, I see us smiling in comfortable silence, not needing too many words to understand , and respecting each other’s presence.

I know that relationships need work, and it’s not always a dream that would weave a web of magic in reality . We shall face all sorts of situations, where we might need to take decisions that might not sit well with either of us, I might be for it but you might not be and so on. 

But I want you to know , I will hold no grudge. I do not want regrets, but I will not stop you from chasing your dreams or building them, I will help you and encourage you and pray with you. But if it is something wrong for you, I will speak my mind aloud and let you know why.

I will expect the same from you love, correct me when I’m wrong. 

As much as a passion filled romance is thrilling and lovely, I know we will have ours too. But I would want ours to be such that would make some sigh and bless us, and not want to puke and tell us to stop.

You might even get a few letters from me, time and again once we do be with each other, but I assure you , I’m not gonna be the one to bombard my feed and yours with stories of Tom, Dick and Harry that spy on every moment of our life.

Here’s a scene I imagine, because I do see it happen to my parents quite often, they are still very possessive about each other, so there’s like a party we attend, and we are ignorant of the vibes we each give away. You trying to signal that I’m yours and me trying to ward off the attention you get by staking my claim , grabbing your hand, or even gnawing at it. 

Hahaha… It will be funny. Don’t you think ?

I will be a wee bit possessive of you and there will be times I might face jealousy, but I want you to know, that it will not be to cause you irritation, but to only try to soothe my endangered heart. Whilst I hope you will make me believe that we belong, like we are a match made in heaven, I would love to feel all that a journey with you will bring our way.

And from jealousy, to clashing thoughts, to decisions we dont agree together on, may we someday learn to love in our individual spirits to respect the space of each other, and accept at heart that no matter how different we may think or believe, we will live in harmony of our differences and imperfections.

Much love my dearest.

I pray My God takes good care of you,

Until He decides it’s  time for us to meet,

Your future rambling bride.

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Dear Future Husband #12

Dear Darling Hubby (Prince of my future),

I did this to show you what I meant in my letter #2 for you.


Love, I do see glimpses of us, but not your face. Maybe that’s the most beautiful mystery yet to unfold, or would you be a surprise sweet and untold ?

I leave it to God, to choose me for you, and you for me, to help us find our way together towards eternity. 

I leave time to befriend us in God’s planned destiny.

Life can be bits of glimpses of tomorrows, memories of yesterday and the moments of now.

Each of my letter is a prayer for your safety, and guidance. 

May you find the courage you need , when you need it most,

May you be blest with a friend, to help you love life more,

May your family be blest too, because one day it will be mine, or rather ours,

May you find me, when it is time for us to fall in love, and build ourselves on our faith, Our God.

I don’t need cupid, or his bow, 

I don’t need Valentine’s day for a show,

I don’t need people setting me up on blind dates,

I don’t need the fear of losing you, before we have even met,

I don’t need to feel disheartened or disappointed,

Because I’m happy writing you letters, waiting for you, and building me.

I don’t need a push towards you or away , it can’t be forced, this is God’s plan, and it will be magnificent, I believe in Him. And His righteousness. Let’s wait upon him for us.

And so when we meet , I know I’ll be ready to befriend you and be there , for the rest of our days.

Your’s for eternity in God’s time,

Your future bride in white .


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Dear Future Husband #11

Well hello there darling,

It’s my freaking 11th letter and there’s no freaking sign of you. I wonder if I’ll have to wait until letter 50 ? or would you make me wait till letter 100 ? 

Might as well jumble these up in a book and force you to read them or listen to me read them on every of our dates when we meet. 

So here’s the rule. One letter per date. 

And the more you take time to show up, you should think again, dates can be a costly affair, also dating me with all the layers of walls I’ve put up won’t be that easy.

Anyways , it’s a warm sunday morning, much relief from work, would be going to meet some new faces and oldy buds to sit and write letters for people to make them feel better.

This feels like a personal diary over here, but won’t you agree ? cards and letters make you feel so good ? it has a personal touch, more feelings invested and also they can get deeply dramatic like mine are for you.

Okaaaayyy… enough of me blabbering.

Today, I will live and breathe in the basking sun, it’s yet the newest thing I’ll be doing today, writing with friends, and sometimes trying these new things, filled with excitement, and eagerness, makes you feel utterly positive, like in a bubble of happiness.

It’s a nice feeling indeed. I might even get some me time. I usually don’t like the me times, they freak me out, not used to be in solitude for too long, but I shall try it today.

Love, the wait that is between us, is making me realize, that I need it, I’m still learning myself, discovering myself, loving myself, for too long I’ve been overly insecure, I still am, but not as much as I was once, for too long I’ve been living with delusions of happy ending, for too long I’ve tasted success, that the hiccups I’m facing now, I’m learning to cope with, and our time apart, is teaching me every day, of how to be me and how to live with these edges that I was so blinded to.

Each time I write you a letter, I feel like you are getting real, not a thought, not a dream, not fiction. I now believe, you are out there, waiting for a glimpse of us to happen. And probably you might be seeing someone right now, its one of the many possible scenarios my hijabi and me have thought of as to why haven’t you’ll yet shown up. And I want you to know, that I’m fine with it. Because your life before me, is your life indeed, but your life with me and thereafter shall be our’s, our life. And if you happen to wander your eyes elsewhere then, mister! you should know I will live up to my name. Not bragging just warning.

(Incase you don’t yet know, Leandra does mean like a lioness.)

I love the wait, because now it no longer makes me feel afraid, I know I will meet you someday, and I know that you will read my letters (no matter how forcefully I make you read them).

For the hope that God gives me, saying EVERYTHING HAS A TIME OF IT’S OWN.

For the faith I have in His words that


I know One day, there will be an us. Us for an eternity. 

Sirach 42:24-25 (GNT)

24 All things are in pairs, each the opposite of the other,

    but nothing the Lord made is incomplete.

25 Everything completes the goodness of something else.

    Could anyone ever see enough of this splendor?

See… Now you know Why I am so confident about us. Because when God gave His word, why worry ? He’s plan will unfold at His will. Let’s wait upon the Lord . Because everything he made is magnificent, and our love story will be one such marvelous creativity. I leave you in the hands of my potter, so he moulds you as he moulds me, he guides you as he guides me, and he prepares you as he prepares me for the life that awaits us.

Until then, take care my love.

Your’s certainly in God’s time ,

Your future love and best friend forever.


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Dear Future Husband #10

Hi love,

If you happen to hate furry cute Persian cats, then PLEASE DO NOT PURSUE ME. 

All my life, for 2 decades now, I’ve been wishing and dreaming to have one of these cute cotton balls, but NO!

My so called sweeeet yet right now annoying brothers have a strong aversion to the idea of Cat in the house. 

They might even throw me out, if I get one.

So now, You. You will let me have my Baby cat, and if you side along with my brothers I swear we shall have a freaking World War on a daily basis.

Since they told me they will gift me one on our wedding , THEY BETTER STICK TO THEIR WORDS.

You beware. It’s gonna stay with me. Whether you like it or not.

I can’t wait to have a furball someday.

For that you need to show up. 

But it’s ok. You can take your time. Hopefully life is treating you well.

I’m cool with the waiting thing.

If its gonna fetch me my kitty dream, then why not ?

Like this, there will be tons of dreams and wishes that can only be real with you, on a serious note, you dont have to be afraid, be you with me, and I’ll be the crazy me with you, I get high on dreams, mind you. And one of them now, is you, my dear wandering beloved.

Take care my love.

See you soon.

Your’s in God’s time,

Your forever love.


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Dear Future Husband #9

Hi love,

How are you ? I hope life is treating you well.

Guess what’s on my mind right now ?

Fights… hahaah! Hear me out.. before you assume the worst.

When my lovebirds fight, (mom & dad) , either I am the referee or Row. 

And their fights are mostly illogical to me, it’s like either one is trying to make the other’s life easy, and there’s a tantrum in the air, because of this. They sometimes fail to see the love that is hidden behind every action they do for each other. 

And me being Dad’s pet doesn’t help, because  NO ONE, and I mean no one likes being on the side against mom, because it’s a lost cause. 

Not even dad, dares. 

Hey! no laughing. It’s super cute how they get possessive over each other, they notice minutest things about each other without even making it obvious, forget that, they won’t even know they are observing each other.

When I see them. I want to see us, through the eyes of our kids. Because this, this what they have is what I want for us, love .

Love, that is blinded in our deepest understandings, love that underlines all our words and actions, no matter how harsh or sweet, whether spoken in anger or in love.

Love where everyday is living for each other, unknowingly. 

Love where selflessness is not forced but it comes naturally.

Love where home is with each other and in each other.

If there be a day when we do have a lover’s quarrel or a big dramatic fight, quite serious perhaps, I want you to know, that I once had an anger with horrid after guilt for my words and actions, over the years I’ve learned the damage it did to my loved ones and me, and I try to remain in silence when I’m most angry.

So often I break down in tears in my solitude, when It’s too suffocating to keep in. 

I am telling you this, so if at all there be a day, where I am in this state, let me be quieter for an hour , but not anymore, because then I know it’s not my anger that I’ll be fighting but the fear of losing you.

Betrayal or the feeling of being forsaken, is the worst punishment a person who’s in love may receive. 

And when I have you, I do not ever wish to feel this.

May we never lie to each other, may there never be a reason to hide, may there be enough acceptance with each other to endure every brutal detail of our lives. 

May we be wise enough to choose each other despite any turmoil. 

May if we fight during the day, we may not take it with us through the night.

May with you I learn to let go of fears that deep within I hide.

Take care Love.

Waiting for you.

Your’s in God’s time ,

Your future Bride.


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