Prayer in times of confusion and chaos.

You knew me before I was born,
You know me now,
You know everything about my yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.
I seek Your divine guidance ( the matter)
in making the right choice.
You know all that has ever been and all that ever shall be.
Help me Lord to do Your Will, to walk the path that You have chosen for me.
Help me call out to You when satan attacks amidst anxiety , chaos ,confusion, stress, sadness, grief, guilt, self loathing, anger, ……

Find out if there is any evil in me , cleanse me, heal me and guide me in the most everlasting way.
You Oh Lord, my God are all powerful. I am powerless. Without You I am nothing.  With You I have everything. Let my Faith be bigger than my fears.

If in Your knowledge, (this matter) is good for me , then make this path easy for me Lord. I seek your blessings wilst I walk this path.

But if in Your knowledge, (this matter) is bad for me, then my God, My Good Shepherd, turn it away from me and turn me away from it.
You , My Father, My comforter, the joy of my spirit, You give me all that is good.
Wherever I may be , You call me by my name, You call me Your child. You listen to my cries, You never forsake .
Help me Father be pleased with Your plans for me and help me remember that Your plans will bring me prosperity and peace.

Thank you Father. Praise you Jesus. Adore you Holy Spirit.


God has got this. He will hold me.

God is mighty.He is merciful. He is patient. Slow to become angry. Full on constant love. His love reigns through generations. He knows us through and through. He knows our today, yesterdays and tomorrows.

If the birds of the sky are taken care of, the animals, the fishes. Wont he take care of you and me? Us who he made in his own likeness. Us whom he loves more than anything. Even when we are faithless, He is faithful. He waits and never gives up on us. He forgives and refreshes us. He heals and blesses.
How magical indeed it is to be a child of the most High ? What a blessing!
Yet we fail to know His love,His plans . We doubt. We  fall prey to Satan’s advocates- fear , doubt, anxiety, pride, anger, frustration, worry…and so on.
Did God not say n number of times:

“Do not be afraid ” “I will never forsake you. My love for you is eternal.”

“I will make you victorious.” “I have great plans for you, plans to bring you prosperity and peace.” “Peace I give to you” “I have carved you on the palm of my hand.” ” through me you have everything you need.” “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened for you.”

God Almighty will help us through our battles.  He will help us be victorious. In trials let us BE STILL.  And remember He is Lord. He is our shield. Our protector. We are being prepared for a life with HIM. Let’s not get trapped in the world but find our way back to Him. Reach out and He will hold you. Ask and He will answer. He is always there.  May we all learn to become better children to our FATHER. AMEN.

Sailing through the Storms!

” What does it profit a man to gain the whole wide world , but suffer the loss of his soul ?” Luke 9:25

I’ve been pondering on these lines for quite a while now.

How indeed is it proper ?

To be beautiful , but have an envious heart?

To be smart , but unkind and overly proud?

To be understanding , but only to a few?

To love, but conditions apply?

To give , but to want in return?

To make-believe that you are good , but beneath the facade lies a monster?

To hesitate with generosity,

To be clever, but not wise?

To grow into something more, wanting more, because less does not suffice anymore?

To hope, but have doubts?

To smile, whilst having a weary soul?

To dream, but not strive to achieve them?

To expect , but not do?

To cry and want a shoulder, but never wipe anyone’s tears?

To let go, but not forgive?

To be happy , but not fight your storms?

To be rich, but have a poor spirit?

To be nice to the world, but disobey one’s own parents?

To want a crown of glory , but not the responsibility?

To wish to be a child again, but not grow into an example for your child to follow?


How indeed it would feel to have all my wants and desires fulfilled? to never have pain? Never walk through storms? Never  meet trying people? Never see through the masks of many?

How would it feel to never know what feeling sad, depressed, demotivated is like? To have  low self-esteem,  to feel weary, dull and exhausted? To want to keep to oneself and stay away from bitter and good people? How would it feel to not know how to appreciate these storms of life? To not know the power of overcoming the hurdles? To not know what it really takes to become strong? To not know our limits of acceptance and patience whilst we are being shaped in the furnace? To not melt down into a puddle but be shaped into a stronger vessel?

How would it feel to not know the worth of sweating and every penny we earn? To not know that giving away something always and always fetches you silent blessings and smiles worth any treasure in the world?

Without the anxiety and sadness would you still know what happiness meant?

Would you  appreciate the growth in yourself after a deep struggle? Would you know the wisdom a storm delivers you that no book can teach you or warn you about?

Through depression, would you  have really understood how a small word of appreciation, motivation, a mere push or a smile could actually work wonders?

Sometimes it is through experience that we learn the greatest lessons of life. Some which your parents and elders warned you about , but you turned deaf. It is only when it so happens to us, that we begin to understand the complexities and simpleness of every life situation.


“I believe in you; and I want you to believe in yourself.

You indeed LIVE ONLY ONCE. So revive your drooping spirit,

Make truckloads of memories, fight and be victorious through storms.

Do not seek to gain wealth and the treasures of the world, but seek that- that would nourish your soul.

Be kind and kindness will follow you everywhere.

Motivate and appreciate and respect people, and you will have followers.

Be generous and you shall receive a bounty of blessings.

Be good, because the world needs  goodness.


We always have a choice to either be strong or weak. Choose wisely.

Be sensitive, so you remain human.

If you want success, never be ruthless ( now hey! You don’t want your spirit tarnished and no curses right?)

Success needs no competition, no crown of glory; it is a feeling of fulfilment that you have indeed achieved and that’s just it, not at the cost of jeopardising others.

Success should not make you greedy, just like rich people wanting to get richer. Sometimes you have to learn to remember when it is enough. To be happy with what you have.

Tell me- where will you take it all? Into your grave? For your future generations? WHY  ?? Do you really believe that they are incapable of sustaining themselves? Or do you never want them to taste all flavours of life and let them decide what they prefer? Stop making your generations lazy.

Do give your children more of that- that would help them face storms, to be strong, and support them whilst they go after their dreams- no matter how lame you think they are, they hold value in their vision. Even if they do mistakes ,help them grow through them.

If there’s anyone who tells me that they are the same person they were a decade back, all I can say  is that “ Dear , I feel sorry that you haven’t grown through the decade, because if  you would have, you would never be the same person- you would be either 10 times better or worse.”

Sometimes you gotta listen to your instincts. Take a leap, if that’s what its telling you.

No matter how deep your fear or downfall, you will lend somewhere, and gradually you will learn to rise above all.

You definitely need to plan and methodise your life. But sir! Don’t restrict yourself to your schedule so much that you forget to live life. Don’t be a workaholic, that your family would have to beg for a time slot .

Work hard, be efficient , become indispensable; BUT try not to get stuck in one place. Indulge in variety of tasks and you will learn to savour the flavours of success. Learning is indeed a beautiful process that adds to your intellect and knowledge. But it is only the storms and trials of life that will help you gain wisdom and stand tall  in jubilation after the battles.

“Life is a journey from one port to another, my ship won’t harbour in one place for too long. Because I need to set sail, move forward, navigate through different routes, prepare for storms sudden and unsudden, keep my mind calm in the most abnormal hours, experience the tides of life. And if my ship ever sinks, I need to learn to swim and surf through the mighty waves until my spirit says otherwise.”

“ My life is a journey to restore my soul.”



Brain and Heart talk

Brain: hey,  weren’t you supposed to study today?
Heart: yes. But I hadto go. And now I feel bad. I wasted another day. Didn’t I?
Brain: hmmm that depends. Tell me – what did you do with the day?
Heart:lots!! I laughed and smiled. Walked around. Breathed in some fresh air. Snapped away moments. Shopped with my family. Sang. Went to church. Bought some things. Strolled around making my feet ache.
Brain: great! Now tell me,did you once feel bad while you were engrossed with what u said you were doing that you didn’t do what you were supposed to do today?
Heart: not once. If I think of it now.
Brain:You have your answer. You didn’t waste your day.
Heart:Yes. Thanks. I LIVED IT.

Don’t live life eveyday like its a stress-storming episode all the time, like tomorrow is another exam.
It’s not worth it.
What if it ends tomorrow?
What if now my life ends? I die!
Have I really lived?
In the end, Job karke pet hi toh barna hai na (we haveto work somewhere and fetch our daily bread only right)? Itna stress, I dont think is worth it.

But in it all we never have to let go of our dreams.

Seriousness is required. But without compromising with  LIVING LIFE.

It shouldn’t cost us illness, negativity and loss and fear and everything that diminishes us.
To be frank, I don’t really need a CA tag to make my family proud of me..they wont love me less if things dont work out..
At the same time.., I wont be happy being careless..
I will try my best untill I wear out.
But despite of my trying, things don’t work out then I wont push my luck and cry in frustration.
I’ll write another chapter of my life.
I have detached from all.
I expect less.

But I do expect one thing- “Axe in my back.”
Working with probabilities is not always fun but it’s better than working with plans that don’t really work out.

Things happen and they dont..
They take time..&  patience runs out and blah!
But I just know, In the end I’ll have
Not loss.. Not failure..
Not negativity.. !!
Just another step into something different.

Life is not running after one thing. .  One love..  One time stuff.. One type routine. One typical look.

I would never want my life to be like a “one time watch boring movie.”

I would rather want it to be more of a mix match awsome stuff that can go on and on without boredom being a part of it.

Look at the world, there’s a hell lot out there…
Adventures,  life,  nature,  I wish to explore and to see more.
Hell!! I have more dreams than I can write about…
I would wanto go out into d world.. See more of it.. Snap it..Try extraordinary stuff.
How about skyscrapping? Surfing? Canoeing? Gyming? River rafting?Mountain climbing?
I want to do stuff that I’ve never done before.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I’ve heard many say, “become CA and then earn and then enjoy. “”
If I dont become one.. How can they imply I wont earn and enjoy life? How can they predict my future?
They aren’t God.  They are human. So am I.

I will go out there into the world, and do my own mistakes,  learn from them and move on. I just got to  do it all on my own. I need to taste through my mouth,  not base my decisions on what my life tastes on their tongues. I have a right to be wrong, and to righten my wrongs. I have a right to make my mistakes and grow from them and I have an obligation to feel blest with what I have,  it’s so much more than many of us strive for. I am grateful.

Just recently, I’ve been listening to people and mentally punching them, know why?
One is because of the above.
And secondly :
When I was small ” these people would say -“your tooo skinny.”””
And now every time I meet them, “you’ve put on!””

I give them my polite replies,  nevertheless
My mind screams “seriously NUTCASE, do you think I wont know what’s happened to me? And if it’s my problem then why do you find joy in pasting it on my forehead with your filthy words? ”

Age old society habbit “stigmatising “””
Get over it people.

If you can’t be nice and talk positive and say good things.
Then just shut the hell up.
No one in the world,  likes their flaws being rubbed on their face. So cut the crap.
Be nice. Or be quiet.
Choose one.
No one needs your advice and opinion if all you can do is make others feel bad, and demotivated.
I know we are in the world of “dont give a damn attitude ”
But seriously it doesn’t work all ways.
We dont have that attitude with people we tag as our own. But the moment the “our own” do things like that, they ask for this.. “they just become people permanently not our own.””
Get that straight.

Now dear heart and brain, let’s vamos.

Hunger for knowledge

Do not be too proud to accept the fact that we actually do not know it all.
Be humble when it comes to seeking knowledge and wisdom.
Because these two are too rich and priceless and come to you in small tiny packages in time.
You don’t get the privilege to devour it all at once.
They are truly invaluable. Too rich for us all to comprehend.
Too deep for us to hear beyond the echoes in our heads.


Wonderful indeed are these two,
that make every experience a memory,
A lesson and an adventure.
The thrill and excitement to know more and more,
To learn,  unlearn and relearn,
To understand, and visualise
To listen the visions of others,
To put it all together like a jigsaw puzzle,
To have the right of having access to the resources
That enlighten and clears doubts,  making room for greater thinking and surpassing the levels of timidness and ignorance.

#4 Random thought of the day

Growing up…
Its like crawling up a thorny rose bush..
Waiting to reach the rose..


May be

May be I’m slow,  may be I’m not…
May be I’ll do it,  may be I won’t..
May be it’s not gonna get easy,  may be it will..
May be I’m not me,  may be in time I’ll be..
How do I know,  what do I want?
For when I look for what I want,
I forget what I need.
I may be selfish,  lost in greed
How do I stop,  and be humble indeed?
May be it hurts to be like this,  may be it’s a blessing not to be at ease!
May be I’ll wake up someday,  and not merely dream,
May be I’ll  laugh at it,  not within scream.
May be I’ll find what gives me peace, 
May be I won’t mind this harsh life tease?
May be it will make sense given time,
May be I’ll  stop crying lost time is a crime.
May be I’ll look at the sun and let its light fill me in..
May be I’ll crave this darkness and feel right within.
Someday may be I’ll say I made it through,
May be I’ll have those around no matter how many or few..
May be I won’t simply live but thrive,
May be I’ll  have my happy life.
Not that now it’s worse,  it’s not just yet right,
It will someday I know be better than bright.
I smile as the “may be’s” overcome me,
And I vow to not look at life dispassionately.
Life they say is short,  but is it truly that?
For all I feel its still longer then I did expect.
There’s alot I learnt, and still am learning,
May be it’s best to have some anxiety and plunge into a new adventure, after every turning.
May be the what ifs,  and what nots can get me trapped,
But how will I know I can fly,  if I dont let my wings stretch and flap?
May be what’s bitter is sometimes good,
May be I would love walking in the rain without a hood .

Words. Some false. Some harshly true. – Let it cast a magical spell. Over me and you..!!

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