#5 Her_thoughts

​As she wandered about

in the garden of self-love,

She breathed in a harmony

that tranquilized her soul.

For once she had found her peace,

and she wanted more.

She had reached the point,

where she knew she’d be fine.

Today or tomorrow

life will be kind,

for now she will believe,

and have courage,

to live her life on the edge,

to wake up to the light,

and breakfree of the traumatising world cage.


#4 Her_thoughts

​As she walked through the door

seeking peace,

she stumbled over a broken thing, in pain she hissed.

A part of the yesterday 

that haunted her everyday,

was right before her,

 engulfed in the storm again,

everything went blurred.

She fought back,

what weighed her down.

Eyes shut, she sighed and stood up, 

straightening her crown.

Not even the storm within,

would stop her live the life of her dreams.

No matter how often she stumbles,

She will always treasure the life pearls.

She will find her way,

through the darkest night,

and the light of the day.

#3 Her_thoughts 

​She shut a door.

And moved on. 

Her feet that at first fumbled, were steadier as she approached this door at the end of her dark tunnel.

She unlatched it,

and held on,

Would this what lies ahead hold a better fate?

Anxious as ever,

she pushed it open.

And what she saw ahead,

took her breath away.

She met life,


and made her peace.

At the end of her darkest tunnel , was her peace.

#2 Her_thoughts 

​She had gone to the battefield,

Wearing an armour, holding a sheild ,

With a sword in hand. She was brave, 

but her spirit was yet to mend.

She was equipped, but not ready to fight. 

She was found lost somewhere amidst the bloody site.

What did she lose you think?

The battle or herself from within ?

#1 Her_thoughts

She fought through the chaos as she crumbled down.

It was a war between her heart and mind.

Her life was a conflicting lie.

What did matter ?

Was it the “should do” that she could do ?

or was it “what she wants to do” 

but still had no clue ?

It was the same crossroad, where she stood ages back then.

Will she find her halo,  

that will rekindle her soul a million times ten ?

#1 Nature’s lessons

​Thorns… they can hurt you. But they are such a marvel to look at. 

Life makes you walk over thorny bushes, remember that those times are needed to make a marvel out of you.

If you wish to see a better you, the walks that hurt bad cannot be avoided.

Words. Some false. Some harshly true. – Let it cast a magical spell. Over me and you..!!

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