I’ve despised
every inch of my skin and the layers beneath,
I’ve despised me more, than the words you hit me with,
because before you, me I have betrayed, longing for hollow bliss,
I’ve despised the child I was, the person I was growing to be,
I’ve despised my edges, those glaring curves, everyone’s mocking sympathy,
I’ve cried and succumbed to these hissing insecurities,
All my life I’ve despised the only one who could have accepted me for me, that’s me.
I blame you not, but how can me I blame either ?

I’ve despised you but me I’ve slaughtered like no other .

I’ve been conscious of what you’ll say even before you voice it,

for you’ve never cared about how I’d feel, you preferred  venom to spit.


​There was a time when I would run away from photographers and my pics…
Why ?

Because then I believed  I was too damn ugly to even look at.

Even the world made me believe that.

All I could see was a girl with caramel skin, she wasn’t fair , she wasn’t stick thin. She was way too flawed to look at. Even the mirror would be her enemy. Wonder why Snow White was the benchmark for the colour of skin to be called the most beautiful ?

But now things have changed. So have I.
I dont believe in being ugly.

I believe in changing into the person I can confidently say is myself.

Now it’s not the world that can define me.

Because now I am not ashamed of who I am.
I am the definition I wanted to be.
It was not the standards of beauty the world sets that I had to fight.

It was my battle within, that I had to conquer.

They say ” you are what you want to be. The product of your thoughts.”

And I believe it is very much right.

When I am me , the me I believe in, the me that is confident, that is not ashamed, that has accepted the self I am,

that is the me the world will see and accept. Because this time, there’s no question for doubt or choice I give the world to choose from.
Simple enough. Isn’t it ?





Accept me as I am. Or watch me as I go.


In the end your first choice should always be :

  • Self acceptance
  • Self respect
  • Self love.

DIY : Mascara hacks

​Shoutout to all my girly friendz…. This one is for you..

#Lifehacks #DIY #doityourself #mascara 

Let’s do something interesting and healthilicious for our lashes and brows… 

Step 1:

Grab an old mascara container (empty one hopefully ) clean it thoroughly.

Step 2:

Make a mixture of :

Aloe vera gel

Castor oil

Water (just to get the right consistency)

Step 3: 

Put it in the bottle (this is where you have to be patient and break your head … putting that thing in that tight necked bottle is a pain… mind you 😂) 

Step 4: 

Use it as a gel mascara and gel brow definer with the wand / applicator.

Benefits :

1. Aloe vera gel 

Let me remind you #ALOE_VERA_GEL is a lifesaver in many beauty hacks. It improves skin texture and stimulates hair growth.
2. Castor oil 

If you have dreamt of thicker and darker lashes and eye brows then castor oil is a go to doctor.
Well , I’ve used water to get the right consistency. Because both aloe vera gel and castor oil are very thick, so to get a good gel  not runny mixture a few drops of water never hurts. 😂

You can also use other oils like almond or coconut oil instead of water, but since I’m an oily skinned creation I’m sticking to one oil and darling water for my health hacks.

Please note :

This is only a health hack. For nourishment of eye lashes and eye brows. Please dont even expect it to turn out to be  a water proof or water resistant solution . 

Just kidding. Just warning.
Best time to apply this is before you sleep.
Since I have no patience to use cotton buds and get my face all greasy , alil DIY hack doesn’t hurt. 😉
Just felt like sharing. 😉😉😉😉😉

Even writers enjoy #DIYhacks
Also the benefits of aloe vera gel, castor oil, other oils and water are endless ….. google for more info..(sincere apologies) I’m lazy to write more.😂😋

#18 Random thought of the day (diwali)

​Even though there were millions of beacons of light out there to light up the world, Can I add another by including me ? 

Even though thousands reach out to those in need, can I be one more to help you in oneself believe ?

How can I not ? 

Be the change you want. 

Be the light that you need. 

Be the beacon for the world to see.

Be happy because you can.

Be glad because you do have more than many.

Be jolly because what is life without humour and smiles?

Be brave because that will help you win life tests.

Be faithful to yourself first . And then you can be loyal to the rest.

She will have her halo

​When the world made her doubt her very existence,

When she was tossed and turned over raging emotions,

When they mocked and laughed and oozed hypocrisy,

She changed.

And it all started from the depths where the pain havoc wrecked. 

She now holds fast to her sword she rarely uses,

She no longer bothers to listen to petty verbal bruises,

She flaunts her scars and wears her kindness , the very robe that is tattered and worn,

She wears her crown marking she belongs to her own,

She won’t drown in the seas of thorns,

Cause now she has learnt how to hold the bull by its horns.

And yet she will be humble, 

so when again she crumbles, 

She will rise above everything that pushed her down,

And even then She will have her halo, cause she will always own her crown.

#17 Random thought of the day

​Because the world has a lot to show me, 


because MY FATHER has planned me a wonderful journey. 


Life in the 20s…

This too shall pass.

The speed at which life changes, people change, I change – is a mystery.

Phases dont last, things expire, humans die, we lose and we gain..

We are hurt , so we learn better.

We fall, to rise.

We are pushed beyond limits, so we can arc through the impossible and head to the targets swiftly.

What feeds our curiosity now, will not matter tomorrow.

The things that weigh you down now, bother you till you turn into an insomniac, will give you bittersweet smiles  in the days yet to come.

It wont matter. Today will be a yesterday tomorrow.

Focus on the good things. Let go of the depressive things. Distract yourself to build in your positive reinforcement.

Focus on getting stronger, better, wiser.

Failures will add on to your experiences at handling adversities. Failures will ensure you are grounded before you take flight. Every setback indeed is the key to a good comeback.

Success is not a standard that the world defines for you. It is not just about amassing wealth, it is not just about scoring amazing grades, it is not about promotions or achievements alone.

Success is beyond all that. It is that  peace and satisfaction and contentment you receive at this place where you reach and you know to accept that what all you have is enough. It makes you enjoy the little things. It makes you content with what is there, the now, not fretting about yesterday, not worrying about tomorrow. Success is living without greeding.


The horizon will always look enchanting.

The sky will always be limitless.

And God? He will always be faithful.

But me ? In my walk to find the comforts of constants, resisting changes, I will still be learning, still be wondering, still be hoping.

In this temporary life, the thirst for constancy will always remain.

In the times I forget, that I have You Lord, let me remember to honour your presence within me.

To listen to your voice “this too shall pass.” And feel the tranquility.
Reading this made me smile…. ↓

Words. Some false. Some harshly true. – Let it cast a magical spell. Over me and you..!!

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