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The FOUR Ps.


To walk down a road, we need to know the destination. What is it that the road we choose may lead us to?

Finding the meaning of your breath , of why you’re even alive! That’s purpose.

We aren’t totally aware of this purpose at any point of time in our entire life. Sometimes it’s as vivid as the day, sometimes it’s as dark and blurry as the night.

There’s got to be something that evokes in us a PASSION .i.e; completely undefined, something that drives us crazy enough to face all storm-winds to reach right there where we feel complete, where one purpose ends and another begins.

All we need is a small push. A channel that leads us step by step, road by road, closer and nearer to a finer purpose to live life.

Name it what you want…. goal, dream, aim, target, object, destination… anything at all. It all sums up to one thing “PURPOSE”.

A purpose that ignites the flame of passion to achieve through perseverance is what we all sought in life.

Purpose can be anything, be it small or big, upon fulfilment it gives us the same thing- satisfaction. It only grows stronger with every step we take in life. It becomes clearer as we start to understand life. It’s a growing hunger to live up-to what we are capable of.

Patience – the power of endurance. The key to be persistent enough to reach the pinnacle of our very existence.

Inside us lies a burning desire that can be kept hidden for years but one can never forget.

Everyone has at least once questioned “what purpose have I come to serve through this gift of life?”

And one of the many answers would be :

Purpose to live will never be self-destruction. And by choosing evil we do nothing else but that. And by evil I mean everything. Be it anger, hatred, violence, vices, utterance of foul words, inflicting hurt, falling prey to temptations, being judgmental, greedy, selfish, lamenting, complaining, blaming, …….and so forth.

When you open your eyes, and watch the world, observe the pain etched in every face.

There should be a part of you that wants to reach out.

To spread one smile everyday , to do good where good can be done, to leave the bad when your purpose has just begun.

To know that the climb will be painful, and you will fall no matter how much you try to be cautious. To become stronger and determined to persevere.

To believe in oneself and be persistent to fulfill the purpose.

To be passionate about the journey and foresee the hurdles and be prepared.

Life is an adventure. It’s not a jolly ride always. There are gonna be moments when you’ll hang upside down or you’ll be throw for a toss. Play you best move.

And never forget the purpose,

your inner strength- the passion,

your armour – perseverance and persistence,

your sword – patience.

A Legacy richer than Gold.

Here is an abstract of the story of a man who gave his daughter the finest riches the world can ever have. Words spoken through actions. They might be what we hear everyday, see everyday, BUT fail to LISTEN, fail to OBSERVE.


All she had to do was ask, and he would GIVE. He would leave no stone unturned, sweat through the days and plan through the night, So that his Princess would learn to live wisely and beautifully.

She would often wonder, “What kind of Man is her father?” “What kind of Man gifts his dream to his daughter?”

A man who’s Heart is the purest gold, that burns in love for her.

A man with such zeal & determination to have everything from nothing.

A man who wins her heart over & over again & yet makes her wonder – Will she ever find another one- so same?

So that someday she can pass on this legacy she received,so unknowingly ::::

“”And He said ,

“In time you get what you deserve. All you have to do is NEVER EVER LOSE HOPE.

SMILE despite all that you face.

Love the people who love you. Do good where there is good to be done.

Dream big. Aim high. Try to reach the sky. Someday you will Fly.

It doesn’t matter if you start with NOTHING, all you need is FAITH & HOPE that grows stronger in time & never falters. If you have this, then you have what it takes to Win LIFE.


Pay no attention to what the world says. Feel no Distress when you fall.

If you fall, all you have to do is RISE. SMILE. AND WALK. If walking ain’t helping you, RUN….. because YOU CAN…. If only you want it feverishly… Than WORK HARDER till exhaustion gives you a smile that strengthens your spirit.

CHERISH every small- big gift you have. Start counting your treasures, and you will realise how rich indeed you are.

FIGHT against all odds, to get not what you desire but what you most deserve.


When you are distracted, DIVERT YOUR ATTENTION to what gives you strength. FOCUS on your goal.

Whenever you are knocked down all over again, REMEMBER




THROUGH HARD-WORK – you step nearer to your DREAM.


THROUGH GOODNESS –you spread smiles & sleep with a BEAUTIFUL CONSCIENCE.


A DIAMOND is nothing but a POLISHED STONE.

YOU CAN SHINE. BELIEVE. LET GO. MOVE forward with a ZEAL to CONQUER your dreams.

and above all



Life is not a journey to merely conquer your dreams, but it is so much more than just that. It is living moments that never come back. It is enjoying and laughing along with those who mean the world to you. YOU have LIFE, in you , around you. Respect it. Learn to live. 

Life is so very beautiful .

Racing towards my Dream!

Running my own race

Oh! I cannot sleep!

Cause when my Dream hits my face

It hurts very deep.

Bad I think, and bad I get!

So why not good?

No question of regrets.


I’ll walk tall, I’ll run through it all,

It’s my race,

No one will for me face.


I’m stronger each time I fall,

I’m a fighter, cause when am down I still crawl.


I’ll reach the end, claim my land,

hold my dream, with a victorious scream.


There’s no need to cling,

Just let go of all nasty things,

Cause now it’s “Me and my dream!”

Right through me like a light beam-

Happiness will glow and Laughter will flow,

Only when I’ll never stop running after

My desperate dream!

Am at a phase in life, where sacrifices alone will lead me to my dream.

All of us will certainly have one such desperate dream or aim.

Something that makes or gives your life a whole new direction , a meaningful purpose .

We often have enough excuses and situations that make us question this dream, whether running after this dream will be worth it? or whether its best if we try finding a different purpose for our life? Some of us , may even get a different purpose, maybe even better than what you gave up.

But there will be a time , when you will still have this question hanging around the space you breathe in :

“How would my life be, IF ONLY HAD I RUN AFTER MY DREAM?”

Some of us may have regrets, while some might be the lucky ones feeling what they have is better than what they let go.

“The dream that creates  a feeling of regret in you after you let go of it, is the dream YOU SHOULD RUN AFTER!”

“It is NEVER TOO LATE TO RUN, to race, to submit to your dreams.”

REMEMBER this always:

“I am here, on this earth,  to Live ONE RACE- MY OWN RACE. No one else can run it for me. Neither can I run their race for them. If I’m still breathing- then my life still has an unfulfilled purpose, the race is still on, it needs a direction, the path towards the dream that will satisfy the hunger of my spirit. And I alone can make this happen.”

Life is a gamble, you gotta make tough choices.

The more you understand, the interesting it gets.

The more you dig, deeper you go.

The more you search, even more you find.

The faster you run your own race, victory will definitely greet your face.

Be sure.




The most passionate bond is the one  between YOU & YOUR DREAM.

Lesson 3 – The Conflict

Sometimes you have to face bitterness in life…. Everything can’t be sweet and sugary always.

“Too much sugar – Bad for health.”

Too much happiness will not make you understand the deeper meaning of life.

To understand the real meaning of one we need to learn the meaning of the opposite.

Your life can’t always have shades of red, pink , green and yellow.. you’ll have to deal with shades of black, blue, grey and brown as well.

Remember all shades together make the rainbow beautiful. How would the rainbow look with only the shades of red? No green, no yellow, no blue, no violet, no indigo? …. Weirdly not thrilling right?

Just like a rainbow gives you a smile… Smile through all the colors of your life.

You can cry over the blues…………. Hide through the blacks….. Run through the reds………….. Smile through the pinks…… Think wonderful all through the greens..

You have the color palette in your hand. Paint your life canvas the way you love it best.. Have loads of fun.. but also make your life an eventful adventure..

Make sure you get to ‘the pot of golden coins‘ at the end of your rainbow.. Cause we all do have a pot of coins awaiting us. These coins are your acts that can make you richer than the finest gold.

Act Wisely.

There is nothing wrong in being bitter to those who can’t cope with your sweetness. But why give the poison back to the poison maker? Do you really think he won’t know how to deal with such a deadly poison? Don’t make yourself the poison for others!

Why not instead you stop the over-sweetness and be the one person you are, that can drive away the poison makers– with the flare of indifference your behavior depicts and detain around you those who’s demeanor shouts loyalty?

Life is a colorful rainbow.. Drink in its beauty all that it showers over you.

Create a robustness about you that can hurtle the bitterness the world shoves your way, beneath the very ground you place your feet on.

Never bemoan of being yourself. Be proud. Stand Strong. Hit the storms headfirst. Live your life the way you feel right. But make sure the right ain’t the wrong.

Take no offense when you are being judged for free, remember you didn’t pay , neither did you ask. So don’t waste time over hypocrites and their cheap judgement, they can’t afford you.

And also don’t forget that Just Judges are the most expensive ones. And the One Above all is GOD.

Do what is righteous. Even when the right feels wrong and the wrong feels right.

To all those who lose hope…..

Tough times become rougher….

Sad times get you all frustrated…

You’re struck with the question “Why me? when will this end?”

If you are still BREATHING in all this pain..

It means you are STRONGER to get over this rain.

Hold on to the ROPE of Your HOPE for better..

Cause when you are tossed over the seas,

you might never know when a wave leads you onto the shore..

If you fail to be strong… You’ll leave this rope… and you’ll know you’re FOREVER GONE…

SO CHOOSE.. what you see..