Dear Future Husband #11

Well hello there darling,

It’s my freaking 11th letter and there’s no freaking sign of you. I wonder if I’ll have to wait until letter 50 ? or would you make me wait till letter 100 ? 

Might as well jumble these up in a book and force you to read them or listen to me read them on every of our dates when we meet. 

So here’s the rule. One letter per date. 

And the more you take time to show up, you should think again, dates can be a costly affair, also dating me with all the layers of walls I’ve put up won’t be that easy.

Anyways , it’s a warm sunday morning, much relief from work, would be going to meet some new faces and oldy buds to sit and write letters for people to make them feel better.

This feels like a personal diary over here, but won’t you agree ? cards and letters make you feel so good ? it has a personal touch, more feelings invested and also they can get deeply dramatic like mine are for you.

Okaaaayyy… enough of me blabbering.

Today, I will live and breathe in the basking sun, it’s yet the newest thing I’ll be doing today, writing with friends, and sometimes trying these new things, filled with excitement, and eagerness, makes you feel utterly positive, like in a bubble of happiness.

It’s a nice feeling indeed. I might even get some me time. I usually don’t like the me times, they freak me out, not used to be in solitude for too long, but I shall try it today.

Love, the wait that is between us, is making me realize, that I need it, I’m still learning myself, discovering myself, loving myself, for too long I’ve been overly insecure, I still am, but not as much as I was once, for too long I’ve been living with delusions of happy ending, for too long I’ve tasted success, that the hiccups I’m facing now, I’m learning to cope with, and our time apart, is teaching me every day, of how to be me and how to live with these edges that I was so blinded to.

Each time I write you a letter, I feel like you are getting real, not a thought, not a dream, not fiction. I now believe, you are out there, waiting for a glimpse of us to happen. And probably you might be seeing someone right now, its one of the many possible scenarios my hijabi and me have thought of as to why haven’t you’ll yet shown up. And I want you to know, that I’m fine with it. Because your life before me, is your life indeed, but your life with me and thereafter shall be our’s, our life. And if you happen to wander your eyes elsewhere then, mister! you should know I will live up to my name. Not bragging just warning.

(Incase you don’t yet know, Leandra does mean like a lioness.)

I love the wait, because now it no longer makes me feel afraid, I know I will meet you someday, and I know that you will read my letters (no matter how forcefully I make you read them).

For the hope that God gives me, saying EVERYTHING HAS A TIME OF IT’S OWN.

For the faith I have in His words that


I know One day, there will be an us. Us for an eternity. 

Sirach 42:24-25 (GNT)

24 All things are in pairs, each the opposite of the other,

    but nothing the Lord made is incomplete.

25 Everything completes the goodness of something else.

    Could anyone ever see enough of this splendor?

See… Now you know Why I am so confident about us. Because when God gave His word, why worry ? He’s plan will unfold at His will. Let’s wait upon the Lord . Because everything he made is magnificent, and our love story will be one such marvelous creativity. I leave you in the hands of my potter, so he moulds you as he moulds me, he guides you as he guides me, and he prepares you as he prepares me for the life that awaits us.

Until then, take care my love.

Your’s certainly in God’s time ,

Your future love and best friend forever.


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6 thoughts on “Dear Future Husband #11”

  1. Beautifully worded..!! I totally relate to it lean..
    can’t thnk u enuf fr givng words to what has always been my thought process wrt the “future husband”…
    gonna read te 10 prior to tis one… keep it goin…!! smday he’s gonna love u for all the love he unfolds…
    god bless… ❀

  2. Beautiful words for ur Future Husband Lean…..:-) M sure he will b really delighted to hear this wen u read out to him someday….;-)

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