Dear Future Husband #9

Hi love,

How are you ? I hope life is treating you well.

Guess what’s on my mind right now ?

Fights… hahaah! Hear me out.. before you assume the worst.

When my lovebirds fight, (mom & dad) , either I am the referee or Row. 

And their fights are mostly illogical to me, it’s like either one is trying to make the other’s life easy, and there’s a tantrum in the air, because of this. They sometimes fail to see the love that is hidden behind every action they do for each other. 

And me being Dad’s pet doesn’t help, because  NO ONE, and I mean no one likes being on the side against mom, because it’s a lost cause. 

Not even dad, dares. 

Hey! no laughing. It’s super cute how they get possessive over each other, they notice minutest things about each other without even making it obvious, forget that, they won’t even know they are observing each other.

When I see them. I want to see us, through the eyes of our kids. Because this, this what they have is what I want for us, love .

Love, that is blinded in our deepest understandings, love that underlines all our words and actions, no matter how harsh or sweet, whether spoken in anger or in love.

Love where everyday is living for each other, unknowingly. 

Love where selflessness is not forced but it comes naturally.

Love where home is with each other and in each other.

If there be a day when we do have a lover’s quarrel or a big dramatic fight, quite serious perhaps, I want you to know, that I once had an anger with horrid after guilt for my words and actions, over the years I’ve learned the damage it did to my loved ones and me, and I try to remain in silence when I’m most angry.

So often I break down in tears in my solitude, when It’s too suffocating to keep in. 

I am telling you this, so if at all there be a day, where I am in this state, let me be quieter for an hour , but not anymore, because then I know it’s not my anger that I’ll be fighting but the fear of losing you.

Betrayal or the feeling of being forsaken, is the worst punishment a person who’s in love may receive. 

And when I have you, I do not ever wish to feel this.

May we never lie to each other, may there never be a reason to hide, may there be enough acceptance with each other to endure every brutal detail of our lives. 

May we be wise enough to choose each other despite any turmoil. 

May if we fight during the day, we may not take it with us through the night.

May with you I learn to let go of fears that deep within I hide.

Take care Love.

Waiting for you.

Your’s in God’s time ,

Your future Bride.


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