Dear Mom & Dad

As we thank God Almighty for your 30 beautiful years of togetherness, let’s recall the 7 years prior 30years where this journey actually began. 

For the first few initial years, you’ll might have had thoughts whether what you’ll had would last ? would it be a forever thing ? You’ll might have envisioned your lives, a family , might have spoken together about many such dreams. 

From initial doubts of a forever, to hope nearing your marriage, and to pure love as you’ll remained faithful to each other for 30 blest years, there might have been a few hardships , that now must have been a thing you could laugh about or forget, there might have been moments of sheer joy, and there might have been situations of confusions. But you’ll made it. All together with God. 

And that is remarkable. 30+7 wonderful years growing evermore in love and learning each other so thouroughly that no day is a day off from sharing your love through words or actions, whether it may simply be “Have you taken the medicine ?” “Switch off the T.V. and come to sleep.” “This is for dada and this is for you.” “Keep quiet. Let her be.” 

Even as you have your cute fights and made me and Row the referee. There was / is love underlying with everything you’ll do for each other.

Even those possessive glances and mocking jokes, the happy hugs, and the fun in wearing matching matching clothes.

I have , as a child and even now , watched your fairytale unfolding before me. 

And there is simply no other one on my top list but yours.

Not even Cinderella or Snow white or Beauty and the beast, could make me yearn for what you’ll have, what you’ll share.

For love like this is a journey towards eternity. 

For love like this is worth everything.

For love like this is a safe haven in harsh realities.

For love like this is pure bliss.

My best fairytale will always be you.

Someday I hope Row and me are just as blest as you’ll are to find a home in the person we marry, by God’s will and grace.

And I pray that your health – be evergreen, and so someday our kids (when they are born) get to witness the love you’ll share so they may, like us, want what you’ll have, because your love makes us want to be good and compassionate always. 

Love you both infinity. Love you’ll so much. Please forgive us the many times we wrong you and take you for granted. You’ll are our Home. You’ll are our safe Haven.

Happy 30 years of incredible togetherness .

God Bless you’ll, your love and your forever.

Your children always,

Rowan & Leandra.


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2 thoughts on “Dear Mom & Dad”

  1. Thank you’ll for your precious words, means a lot to us, may God bless every parent with children like you’ll

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