Dear Future Husband  #3

Hey love,

I’m back.

I’ll be waiting to ask you,

What love means to you .

I don’t quite know it myself but the love that I’d want to have with you,

will simply be that smile of holding your hand,

that squeeze of reassurance you’ll give me & I’ll give you , when we each need a push,

that early morning hugs, and good night kisses.

that feeling each time I’ll look at you, and feel my heart explode with happiness,

that feeling of possessiveness, not utterly, but the sweet one knowing we belong.

that jolly atmosphere when we cook together, and even if things burn, we can laugh together.

those moments of us walking silently down the street, or along the shore.

some long rides, some mushy surprises,

so much laughter.

Love is acceptance of our imperfect selves, so we don’t have to fit in the puzzle, we just have to make room for each other, together.

Love is trust, faith, hope & belief, which only grows in time.

Love is being hungry to do good to you, for you, always.

Love is a forever together.

Love is being compassionate and merciful and forgiving, and helping each other to regain life balance.

Love is not just being there, it is feeling the presence even in the absence.

It may not be the happily ever after,

but that feeling of having you,

will make me happy.

What I’ll wait is for the day where even after 50yrs together we shall never get tired of our company.

A love that is an eternal friendship, deep understanding, so many unspoken words reflected in our eyes, read with clarity,

learning about each other, every day,

and each tear of sadness, embarrassment or grief is shared in a beautiful harmony of our hearts.

I’m not sure I believe in two bodies one soul thing,

but I do believe in two individualities on one journey thing.

With all the sacrifices and compromises that we shall have to face, may our love of eternal friendship always thrive.

Love is the purest form of magic, love is God.

We may not start our journey being in love, may be ‘like’ , or friends, but I hope we make it to love and never fall out of this one sweet trap or should I say God’s masterplan?

Yours in God’s time,



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