It is alright.

She was once that person who could love unconditionally, 

she could forgive without being asked for fogiveness ,

she could hear all unspoken wishes, and she’d try to give you her best self even when you wouldn’t deserve it.

You’d be annoyed with her care, cause it made you guilty, because you knew deep down , she was the angel you envied. 

She could take away your darkness, give you her light, Even though it was killing her, 

she’d do it without spite, and you knew she was just too much, much more then you could ever want.

So as you always do, you’d hurt her, leave her troubled,

never once bother to reply to her worried words,

yet each day she would wait for your return,

hope for a change , because she was smitten.

Until your coldness, chilled her soul,

you played along as she walked on burning coals,

It didn’t bother you, to see the sorrow in her depths,

all you wanted was what you thought was best.

And so when you left.

She didn’t just die her natural death,

but she ripped herself to shreds,

and let time help her rebuild herself,

now the likes of you 

cannot ever seek refuge in her living remains.


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