How do you deal with jealousy and low self esteem ? #1 vid

Hi people,

this is my first time trying this.

For some it’s easier to talk than write.

For me it’s easier to write.

But I wanted to give it a shot.

Do share your opinions.

How do you deal with building your self-esteem? How do you not let jealousy , ego , pride, self pity take control of your life ?
(P.s. I’m kinda blabbering for the initial 2 mins … Just warning .)
I’m not holding any paper. This came right from my heart.


Incase you find trouble watching the video here , you can watch it on youtube also :

here’s the link:


2 thoughts on “How do you deal with jealousy and low self esteem ? #1 vid”

  1. It’s really very nice Lean…..😊😘
    Many times v forget to thank God, For the things that we hav like house to stay, good food to eat, for people who love us so much…. There is really alot to b thankful for….. Instead v start complaining about the things v dnt hav… V fail to b happy n satisfied wit wat v hav…..
    Ur words really are very powerful…. Especially during dis holy week…. As I heard ur words, I realised dat Jesus has done so much for us, he gave his life for us….. N v can never repay him, bt atleast v can thank n praise him for all dat he has done for us…..

    M really glad n I thank n praise God for i hav a blessing in a friend like u…..😊😘

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