New year resolutions – 2017

PRAY ,even when you feel not to. Because Power in Prayer can bring a miraculous change in your life. If you pray, pray with Faith.

Love yourself so much that even what others dislike about you, is something you cherish.

When you love yourself enough, you can love others completely.

Have so much courage, even when you fall, you only see the next step… that means… you gotta rise and move forward.

Stand for yourself, because if you can’t  be your own protector, you’ll end up being someone’s victim.

If any day starts with a bad mood or uneasy feeling, close your eyes, take a breath, and say …” it’s only in my head…it’s not real”… so it’s time to smile and face the day fighter!

When ever you say “there’s no time”… pause and think where did it go… ? Change your lifestyle to get enough time to work on what holds you back from achieving the most.
Live life. Live moments. Laugh enough. Say bye to bad vibes. It’s good to say no when you know it’s the right thing to do.

And the right thing to do, is sometimes based on your instinct and sometimes on facts but NeVer ever on what other people think is right for you.

Do you understand that muffin ? You gotta do what is right when you feel it is right.
Fear cannot control you. So do not ever let it. Live life without the worry of tomorrow, it’s still not yours. Live life without fear, because only facing them will help you realize, that you feared something that was indeed an adventure that helped you grow.
It is not important to only make friends. What is important is to keep them. See that you have those that will walk with you through life.
It is exactly the right time to examine the past year, and not have a repeat of mistakes done, to achieve goals that did not get ticked off your list, to work on dreams that once you had so much hope for.
HOPE is vessel that refills itself on it’s own when empty. But FAITH is that water that will never let your vessel of HOPE go dry. And LOVE is the fountain where you find peace.

Everything is temporary. You , your situation, pain, exams, … Even life. So stop over stressing over things that you are better off without. Stop stressing over things that you can’t control. Sometimes trust the timing of your life, let it unfold, and let it help you, you should understand by now that experiences are friends that help you grow. Accept that. Maybe life is not as hard as you feel it. Have patience your efforts will be rewarded in time.

When you invest yourself into relations (be it a sister, daughter, friend or more) , you are not only investing  your time, your feelings, but you are investing your-whole-self here. So be sure of what you get yourself into. No expectations. No regrets. Do what you love, out of love.

Many more coming up…. 


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