This too shall pass.

The speed at which life changes, people change, I change – is a mystery.

Phases dont last, things expire, humans die, we lose and we gain..

We are hurt , so we learn better.

We fall, to rise.

We are pushed beyond limits, so we can arc through the impossible and head to the targets swiftly.

What feeds our curiosity now, will not matter tomorrow.

The things that weigh you down now, bother you till you turn into an insomniac, will give you bittersweet smiles  in the days yet to come.

It wont matter. Today will be a yesterday tomorrow.

Focus on the good things. Let go of the depressive things. Distract yourself to build in your positive reinforcement.

Focus on getting stronger, better, wiser.

Failures will add on to your experiences at handling adversities. Failures will ensure you are grounded before you take flight. Every setback indeed is the key to a good comeback.

Success is not a standard that the world defines for you. It is not just about amassing wealth, it is not just about scoring amazing grades, it is not about promotions or achievements alone.

Success is beyond all that. It is that  peace and satisfaction and contentment you receive at this place where you reach and you know to accept that what all you have is enough. It makes you enjoy the little things. It makes you content with what is there, the now, not fretting about yesterday, not worrying about tomorrow. Success is living without greeding.


The horizon will always look enchanting.

The sky will always be limitless.

And God? He will always be faithful.

But me ? In my walk to find the comforts of constants, resisting changes, I will still be learning, still be wondering, still be hoping.

In this temporary life, the thirst for constancy will always remain.

In the times I forget, that I have You Lord, let me remember to honour your presence within me.

To listen to your voice “this too shall pass.” And feel the tranquility.
Reading this made me smile…. ↓


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