Me vs Them

​When I was just born,

They thought, “Poor girl, her skin is so flawed.”

They then taught me   “Don’t be racist. Do no discriminate.”

But over the years , I just realized – 

Racism was a hobby they can’t hate.

When a kid, they wanted me to gain weight.

And when I did, they are desperate to see me stick thin saying, “Love, it’s still not too late.”

They once said, “Score good grades.”

And when I did, “They mocked about petty things” . Again using swords and blades.

They promised , “We have your back.”

And then they stabbed me over and over, deep within, cutting no slack.

They smiled at my wounded self saying , “Be strong , you’ll be fine.”

And then they played me and had my nerves hanging on the lines.

They asked me, “hey, how do you do ?”

And then threw a list of things they wanted , making me wonder- why couldn’t there be just a real few?

And when I finally preferred the quiet and peace, of holding life in my own grip,

They came back barking,

“Honey, what’s wrong? Why are you like this?”

-Leandra Rodrigues.

#thisworld #heavyexpectations #realities #worldblues

Sometimes I wonder, whether I lived for them and forgot about living for me ?

So now I live for me, so they can wonder 

that I can forget about how spiteful people be.

4 thoughts on “Me vs Them”

  1. In general, people don’t want you to live for yourself. They want you to live for their own whim and faux aspiration. Wringing you out and draining dry, until you decide to save yourself, and then they feel wronged.

  2. Very well said… Uva beautiful in own ways…u hv a cute smile by perfect dental structure…. kamasutra-ish body n d perfect yu at heart….nd mind yu, henceforth dont Kip quite… Giv back… It’s our fault dat v kip quite.. Let’s put an end to racism n specially d racist… Say no to body shaming…. Love n regards Emmazone 😜

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