Mind riots

4 thoughts on “Mind riots”

  1. I feel ya! That post sang to me. You do your BEST to be nice, kind, giving, understanding and people treat you like crap, because they can. Classic crap from people. (1) Find a kind person. (2) Talk to them decently. (3) Make a passive-aggressive judgment. (4) Do NOT apologize, instead blame the hurt person for being thin-skinned or stupid (5) Further the instigation (6) Repeats steps 3 to 5.
    I judge those people as bad guys or evil. If you think of it, movie villains are based on these kinds of people. think of ANY cartoon bad guy or girl and how they talk to underlings that don’t do as told. Next time you post something and someone wants to ask a “question” such as, “Are you stupid” and then pass it off as “It was just a question” know you can’t say anything that spurn the ire from them to fan the flames of their own bullshit.
    I’m sleepy. I hope this made sense. If not, I apologize.

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