#14 Random thought of the day 

​Obligations often lead to extended formalities. If you want to get rid of fake relationships with snakes,  someone got to cut lose. Break off the vicious cycle, before complaining of overbearing toxicity. 

Either you do that, or you deal with another heap of crap. 


3 thoughts on “#14 Random thought of the day ”

  1. I believe I get where you’re coming from. Stop the bullshit and be real. There is a line in a song that goes, “I chill the way you met me, so if it’s artificial let it be.” Two groups are running together in my head so who it is is escaping me. It’s from the 90’s though. Be who you really are. I did a post on that. “Who are you”. My woman just reminded me. It’s The Roots – You Got Me.

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