#12 Random thought of the day 

​When I look in the mirror, I know the girl I see through and through.

 She is my brave heart.

 Had it not been the lesson to love oneself, how else would I have learnt being kind to my people?

It starts  right within. The battle to be free from hurt, criticism, racism, mockery, bully, incessant torments , destructive words, shattered dreams, broken trust, and so on..

I can offer, only what I have in me. Be it kindness, love, loyalty  and understanding. 

No place for hatred. 

No place for whatever shadows my reflection .

I cannot be what I am not. And hatred isn’t me. 

When I learnt all I needed was peace, I fell in love with myself. Kindness was the warmt spreading from my core, to my being, drenching my soul, calming every nerve-end. 

And just like that, I accepted myself in totality.


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