#11 Random thought of the day

​Amidst the chaos, was the answer, to give up what I didn’t deserve, so I could welcome what was meant to be mine. #Glimpse_of_the_morrows.

2 thoughts on “#11 Random thought of the day”

  1. That was interesting. I had to read it with commas and with some removed. I could tell the commas were used for personal speech pattern, and I like that. The message is great. The word that would create debate would be “deserve”. That word has created many argument between me and my woman and I did some research and began to use it sparingly as it never fit what I wanted to convey. I don’t think it was used poorly or wrong here. It’s just up for debate. At the end, it has helped me think about current life events and projects that I may have to abandon for things that I’m more suitable for. Good post.

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