Let’s begin to heal.

Dear friend,

Sometimes the regrets turn out to be the blessings. Because the “rough ways”- meant my God was moulding me for better. Let’s accept the goodness of His Holiness. Let’s love despite the pain of not feeling it in return.



It takes time to move past a thing that hurt you, broke you, changed you. It takes courage to smile and give away smiles.

Only a brave soul can still be good even after being destroyed in spirit. Be good anyway. Because bravery without goodness, is like honey without sweetness.

They say , ” if you have a good soul, no matter how many trials and tests come your way, no matter, how often you lose hope and faith, no matter how much you feel that life is harsh- your spirit will find that in God alone it can thrive through any hurdle in life.”

Our God is the everlasting fountain of love, courage, divinity, strength, fortitude, peace, happiness and eternal joy.”

No spirit will live long if it knows not to bow before the Most High.

Look up to Him. He will give you the purpose you need when you feel lost. Ask Him, He will answer. Reach out to Him, and He will lead you. 

What once WAS, was meant to be. It was THEN. It isn’t NOW. What now is, is also meant to be. But what now is , could be a tomorrow for all eternity.

Today for you, my friend, I pray that His Holiness may sprinkle His love enveloping you, guarding you, encouraging you, strengthening you and leading you on the path where you find contentment and peace.

May you always have a gratuituos spirit filled with joy. May every day you live be filled with peace and laughter. May your steps never fumble on the right path. May you feel what God wants you to, and learn what God is teaching you. Open up and let him be your comforter.

Live life giving away smiles, because believe me you will find many more in return.



2 thoughts on “Let’s begin to heal.”

  1. Thank you for the visit and for following me! I look forward to sharing with you. Enjoy your day…


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