#8 Random thought of the Day

Let’s not die early  worrying  way too much.

Sometimes I get so tired and weary.. I give up n say.. “LORD you are my sheild, I’m giving up my soul to you, for I know you will fight my battle and rekindle my spirit. YOU will lead me through these deep waters to the shore where lies peace.”


Some questions are to be left unanswered.. some answers only God offers in time.. and some are meant to be felt.. not seen.. not waited for.. some are just meant to happen..

Life is a series of questions and answers, isn’t it sometimes?

True enough , only time will unfold the mysteries of the future.

Future is the present wrapped in a fancy paper. Not always we may like what it holds, but sure enough when the gift comes from God, it will be the best for us.

When you learn to harness spirituality, you know that life is far beyond the things the world showcases, God is the infinite powerhouse. And when you live in His presence, there is nothing more mightier, more wonderful, more lively or more vibrant.

Living today to praise the Almighty creater. Who not only made heaven and earth, but who offers us peace, love, courage and everything else , at the right times. Open your arms wide to receive the bounty He offers.

Have a great day !!

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