Just a Positive self-talk.

I’ve learnt what they do to a person.
So no!  These monsters cannot eat me again.
Because by now I know how to tame them.
I’m just getting better.
Am only human.
They can’t change my Faith in God, my characteristics.
All they do is keep me behind bars.
And sorry I don’t like being self prisoned anymore.
I’ve learnt. To feel freedom, I need to fight myself first.
I’ve learnt to remember that even when I don’t have a plan, my Mighty God has one for me.
I’ve learnt. That in chaos, only God can give me peace, the answer will be my Bible.
I’ve learnt that the struggle, the turmoil, the negativity are not permanent phases, so I need to treat them like my temporary headaches.
I cannot make a big deal of a storm, when it will last not forever.
I cannot wail at night , knowing there’s a new day tomorrow.
I cannot accept I’m a lost person, when I didn’t try finding me.
And believe me. I will. And when I do, you will see me changed.
I will be stronger, better and more equipped.
Because my armour will be my Lord, my weapon my Bible.
And my strength the knowledge I will acquire whilst finding myself.


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