#1 Positive vibes for you

Hey buddy,…just go out there and enjoy the positive vibes. YoU’re more than the things that stress you out and truly wonderful..incredibly beautiful inside out. Let no one make you even once doubt that. .. we all need a fairytale.. but not the fairytale we read when small.. a fairytale where we learn to love ourselves regardless if the world will or not.. breathe out the pain and anxiety and breathe in happiness.. you can do this.. time for self happiness.. Time for nuturing and pampering yourself.. take a break.. and smile ..let the sun brighten you within.. No rat-spirit should kill your lion-spirit. You are over and above the lowlives that hurt you. If they can’t give you respect , its time you keep your self respect in check and gush on your merry way away from People pulling the wrong strings.

You dont have to lower your selfrespect standards for anyone, thats not compromising, that’s like your willing to butcher away your true self. Dont you dare do that.

You are worth more than petty pig opinions of poeple who really need to get their lives sorted out instead of having a gala time muddling yours.

If you are on your anxiety boats, sail to the seas of optimism, self discovery and self devotion.

You deserve a vacation to recharge yourself every once in a while. Remember YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE.


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