May be

May be I’m slow,  may be I’m not…
May be I’ll do it,  may be I won’t..
May be it’s not gonna get easy,  may be it will..
May be I’m not me,  may be in time I’ll be..
How do I know,  what do I want?
For when I look for what I want,
I forget what I need.
I may be selfish,  lost in greed
How do I stop,  and be humble indeed?
May be it hurts to be like this,  may be it’s a blessing not to be at ease!
May be I’ll wake up someday,  and not merely dream,
May be I’ll  laugh at it,  not within scream.
May be I’ll find what gives me peace, 
May be I won’t mind this harsh life tease?
May be it will make sense given time,
May be I’ll  stop crying lost time is a crime.
May be I’ll look at the sun and let its light fill me in..
May be I’ll crave this darkness and feel right within.
Someday may be I’ll say I made it through,
May be I’ll have those around no matter how many or few..
May be I won’t simply live but thrive,
May be I’ll  have my happy life.
Not that now it’s worse,  it’s not just yet right,
It will someday I know be better than bright.
I smile as the “may be’s” overcome me,
And I vow to not look at life dispassionately.
Life they say is short,  but is it truly that?
For all I feel its still longer then I did expect.
There’s alot I learnt, and still am learning,
May be it’s best to have some anxiety and plunge into a new adventure, after every turning.
May be the what ifs,  and what nots can get me trapped,
But how will I know I can fly,  if I dont let my wings stretch and flap?
May be what’s bitter is sometimes good,
May be I would love walking in the rain without a hood .


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