Why worry?


Amidst the chaos.. Amidst the calm..
Life gets complicated.. Yet its so much fun..
I’m more than what I think, I’m more than ENOUGH..
Why worry of being burnt while facing the sun?

I thought I messed up big time,
I thought this I won’t survive,
I thought I’m suicidal, there ain’t no positive vibe,
And in it all I forgot :
Why worry walking down the tunnel, at the end of which is light?

I was remorseful of time lost and mistakes done,
It felt bitter,  I felt shunned,
I strived to be better, and from better best,
Again it slipped by me:
why worry of perfecting imperfections,  rather just be yourself?

What good did it do to worry?
What good did it do to overthink?
Did it fill you a pot of gold? Or
Your health was pink and green?
Did you manage to feel satisfied?
Did you fulfill all your hearts desires?
Or did the fear and frustrations take a toll?
And there you stand all grumpy,  desolated and belittling your soul?

If worrying would fetch us a penny,
wouldn’t we all be rich?
But alas! It degrades us uncanny,
Why worry and throw a fit?

We want them to tell us it’s okay,
We want them to tell us we aced,
We want them to appreciate our efforts,
We want them fill our buckets with praise!
We want and want and hence we worry,
But ain’t what we got enough?
Ain’t what we do, speak it’s own language?
Why worry and feel disheartened?
Had it all not let you smarten?
Didn’t it add to you an edge?
Do you still feel it was worthless with all that they say?
You still worry more about the world,  more about everything.
Why worry so much,  when one day life will end in a blink?

Nothing is permanent,  not you ,neither me
Not every time will you happily sing,
Why worry if your harp lost a string?
Can’t you fetch another?
How long will you cry and wail?
Why worry and be lost in agony?
Can’t you hear the clock tick ? See your ship sail!

Why worry about money?
Didn’t God say he would provide?
Why worry about tomorrow?
Didn’t the same Lord say
He would never abandon,
Your future is shiny and bright?
Why worry of not being successful?
Didn’t he say- He gives us hope, and will bring us prosperity?
Why worry and feel discouraged?
Will it change your fate?

Have we all not to go but to the same grave in the earth below?
Have we all not to live but merely co-exist and worry and complicate things?
Will worry fetch you love and contentment?
Will worry you befriend?
Have you not thought so much that worry causes more havoc?
Don’t you believe and trust in HIM who told you:
“Don’t worry. Dont be afraid.”
Over and over and over again.

Why worry while chasing the rainbow,
without the clouds and the rain and the sun,
will it still be the same?




Published an extract: St. Anne’s bulletin – March 2017

12 thoughts on “Why worry?”

  1. Leandra… what beautiful thoughts…
    Indeed… worrying pays nothing. ..
    The Lord always exchanges worry with something more wonderful.

    Keep up the great work. it’s always a pleasure to read your work.
    And so I will be the first person to buy your published book in the near future.

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