And Atlast I see the Light

d64b2695f9b52785a21ecdde2e5a715a“And Atlast I see the light, it’s like the fog has lifted
And atlast i see the light, its like the sky is new .  “

Ever since my friend mentioned this :
“We are so much like bulbs, overthinking can kill us”
I kept staring at one.


I watched it work smoothly, lighten the space around me.
And I watched it go nuts during a storm. On and off,
dancing to the tantrums of the currents.
And then just as suddenly it came alive,  it exploded.
That’s when I realised this :

Aren’t we exactly the same sometimes?Infographics-Bulb-Vector
We work smoothly with all our energies when we have the same weird routines every day , life becomes so monotonous.

But when there’s a disturbance in the frequencies of our daily schedules like for instance a storm (problems) or unwanted changes in life, there’s too much resistance on our part and too much pressure in life.
And then if we dont give in, we break apart and cramble down into desolation.
And if we do give in, and move on casually, its ok for a while…but we fail to remember that problems will occur time and again.

Life is never monotonous. life-always-has-its-ups-and-downs

Our mind is a very complex part of our whole-self. It can be sectioned into various compartments. But I’ll go with three or rather two:
Emotional and Rational (psychological aspect)
And physical.
We do know that EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS and MOOD SWINGS are like the stubborn Triplets,  bonded together 66b289cb369eac4f3dc30112d908a17e

and hell! They can do a lot of damage, if you dont know how to control them.

What you THINK you FEEL, and how you feel you ACT.

If you can’t control your thoughts, then your emotions will be all over the place , your behaviour will be catastrophic and undesirable to you and those around.

So lea78713-Overthinking-Ruins-Yourn to control the triplets.  Think good, no pressure, no over thinking,  no negative vibes,
Stop if you feel drained, give yourself a break, 
Be with people who give you good vibes and help you relax,
Watch people who fascinate you,
Close your eyes and remember the one thing that made you smile today
Or yesterday.

Feel that joy, focus and let it slide into your emotinal being and your silly moody sister will be smiling and all bubbly.
Train the triplets to work a healthy way,  and do not let them 
Work you up into a ball of pessimism.

wpid-facebook_-726260854Physically,  there’s a lot we can do for our mind.
How? We all know the answer – exercise.

Some of us will be like “hah! That’s lame now.”
Trust me, even a nice long walk,  inhaling some fresh air,  can do wonders.
Have you ever reached a point where you are exhausted by your workout and your mind (Miss Thoughts) says “that’s it, no more. “???
What have you done then?
Your trainer will push you farther and force you to not give in. Think for your self :

What if you didn’t give in? What if you walked the extra mile? 
What if you can? 

Our mind is in resistance mode and it’s upto us now to make a choice.
If you do happen to walk further,there’s a moment of pain,  alil inner struggle , and slowly it fades away… And once you have finished walking that extra mile…
How do you feel? Isn’t it refreshing?  Like you did it? Isn’t breaking through your inner resistance a wonderful feeling? 

You feel really really good. You didn’t just work your body here, you did something for your mind too. I won’t get all scientific with the blood rush to your brain and stimulating cells of your body and a fluidity in your metabolism and all..
But I’ll just say,  you just helped a pulsating under pressure brain to relax and calm down, you gave your feelings a positive boost and inturn Miss moody will now be smiling….AGAIN… woww! seems like Miss moody gets to smile more and more..

Overthinking can be exhausting. Stop it.20055160810856086_SsO9CGAw_f-e1346075114346
Feelings can be pichy. Stop it.
Our behaviour can be cruel.  Stop it.
Stop one. You stop the three. 
Train one, you influence the three. 
Keep your mind relaxed, refreshed,  resistance free and full of positive good vibes.


Stay happy.  Live blissfully. Be grateful. 

Alexandre Normand_Unfocus_Z0NiQg

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