Angel laid to rest.

I had an angel, 

She was made of crystal, 

I kept her safe,  loved her deep

I gazed as she sparkled, every night I went to sleep. 

But One day, as I walked near her, 

I saw something wrong, 

Her wings were broken, 

Her head had fallen, 

Her hands were no longer strong.

Oh! My angel,  my darling angel 

I cried out reaching for the glass, 

As I touched the broken, I saw blood 

Everywhere spreading fast. 

It hurt to think of what broke my angel, 

So I thought wise and stopped. 

She was glass,  she was brittle, 

She had to break,  had she not? 

I buried my angel deep, 

I let her enjoy her eternal sleep. 

It hurt alil,  but calmed me soon, 

My angel’s sparkle was around the moon. 

In my darkest night,  she became my moonlight. 

In my days, I learnt I needed an armour to win fights,

What’s broken was put to rest, 

The time to mourn was over,  it’s time for a new zest. 

I think I’ve had my dose of depressive thoughts and negativety and stupid illness weakness issues.

About time I snap out of this mess and look ahead.

Life isn’t pretty at the moment. But if I keep feeling so unworthy and foolish and careless.  Then there’s never gonna be a good day ever.

It just sucks at the moment ,  because I am  damn looking at the negativety in detail. I need a vision change.

And the worst thing I end up  doing is self-comparison, self-pity and figure out people’s lives without giving a damn about my own.

Too much time wasted in all this. Am done feeling like shit.

I need a change.  The vision where I see the good rise from the bad.

And if I don’t kick myself now, and get something done, I’ll be lining up another depressive phase for me.

So this better be good.

I’m gonna take a risk,  no plans at all,  plunge into the chaos,  and try to swim, even if that means struggling in the middle of a mighty ocean.  So be it. 

Time to Sort the mess,,  and shut the doors,,  throw away what’s not required and get on track,  away from the chaos . 

Doesn’t matter which track.  So long am walking,  or running on a road forward,  I’m going to thrive just fine.

Being stuck and messy,  isn’t being me.  But moving on and being bossy about life and adventures?  That’s more like me.

One failure ain’t success denied.  It’s a lesson : from pain,  to appreciate the value of struggle to win the game. 

I need back my spirit. I need more fire. 

And as I embark on this new journey. 

I will hunt it down anyway. Cause I crave the spirit that never tires. 

I am going to create a oneness in the many dimensions of myself.

I command the universe to free me from the negative captivity.  I ask for positivity and power.  I am going to reach within and bring out the best in me.  Cause I believe miracles happen.  And every miracle is the end result of a problem.

Life is not always like sweet honey we crave,  sometimes it’s bitter and without a bitter taste,  no honey will taste sweeter and more wonderful.


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