I will be..



From the Shadows I walk out to the Light

I am never looking back

Never standing stuck in fright! 

What’s before me is all I can see:

My dreams and who I have to be!

I want to be so much more than What I am..

In every darkness I will light  my never-dying lamp. 

Every ugly flaw that degrades me,

Will be my key

To unlock new doors and see,

that happiness costs no fee. 

Every foolish mistake that burnt me,

Will remind me that my light is still glowing ferociously!

And that what burnt to ash

Is now dust and forever dust it shall be. 

I will not let the dust, dirty the path that will lead me on to find me…

I will be the light that brightens my world.

I will be my Dream in Real.

I will change every threat into an opportunity

and enjoy the dark clouds in the pouring rains..

because I know Where I will finally be

there is an eternally glowing light  everywhere I’ll see.

I will ask the Universe  to serve me- what I want,

and it will grant my wish ,with its magic wand.

I will laugh, giggle and shout with glee,

I will enjoy being who I am supposed to be.

I will attract my dream towards me,

Live it day-by-day passionately!

and everything will be an amazing tell-tale of my story

just how I mean it to be.

All I need is me,

And the same I’ll never be.

I will change, burn like a flame 

I will play this life game.

I will bounce back from every failure 

above it I will hop..

I will climb higher and higher 

until I reach the Top.

I will change my life 

from better to best..

I am the potter 

and will mould the clay until it’s shaped to set.


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