Perfection- Not mine to claim!

What is it with us trying to see perfection in everything & anything? We expect our neighbor to be flawless… don’t we? Like do this that .. and never do anything wrong to us? Oh please! Are we all perfect? How can we expect perfection from others when we can’t claim it for ourselves? Do you really think you are perfect? That you can do things flawlessly? Is that so? Ok than tell me what’s perfect about you? What work have you flawlessly done? Have you been fair to all people you meet? Do you think you have no flaws at all? Haven’t you committed mistakes?

The spec in our vision while pointing the flaws of others is actually the flaw in us. Mathew 7:3 ” Why do you see the chip in your brother’s eye, and not notice the plank in your own eye?”

There are many moments when we fail to see what is wrong with us , but we very much love to see the flaws in the others- true right?

Sometimes criticism comes handy. ‘Take it’ from people who assess you. ‘See’ if it is true or not. ‘Discard’ what doesn’t belong to you. ‘Treat’ what does-‘ patiently’. ‘Change’ yourself if it can make you something better -accordingly.

Mind you:- you gotta learn to deal with criticism the best way. If you are too sensitive than you’re not the best user of it, but you’ll simply end up abusing yourself further. So strive to be stronger and insensitive to things you’re better off -without sparing a second thought to.

We can all strive for perfection. But perfection is really not our’s claim. There is a flaw in everything. It could be so minute that our normal vision doesn’t allow us to see it. The only Perfection is GOD- the most Divine presence.

I know this could be ironical to most of our thoughts. You could possibly argue saying what about the perfect paintings and Sculptures and monuments and stuff? Well, all I’ll say is. Things can be near-to-perfect. We end up tagging them perfect anyway. Even I do. Like tagging a blissful day as the most perfect ever. It’s not wrong. Cause in our human vision, since we havn’t seen the true perfection, anything alil more than the best amazing thing happened to us- becomes perfection for us. It’s normal. But in true sense- Perfection is something more than we can understand, see or imagine. 39b1f2415024daf1759b1359d6c84677

Some flaws we have are something that actually define us. Its wise not to even try to get rid of such. Because -they distinguish us from the others. They form a part of our unique identity. Loving our imperfections, and striving to be perfect, knowing we cannot be truly perfect, but we can of course be Near-to-perfect—Is how we can be better than simply imperfect.

We can try to be like God. But we cannot be God.

Life is a cluster of imperfect and near perfect moments and things. Weave it all soundly. And you might as well have a fine design before you. Enjoy weaving.


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