Life is a Bumpy bus ride

I’m sure we all have had a bus ride, have had a window seat, or stood among the crowd in the narrow pass it provides. What all happens in there ? Sometimes we have to sit beside people perhaps we would never like to deal with. Sometimes we meet people who have a great impact on us within a few moments. Sometimes we look out the window and gaze at the nature sprinting past us. When the bus stops we feel stuck too and wait for it to move on and drop us to our destination. Sometimes we meet rude people as well as sweet ones.

When we were small we would think that it isn’t the bus moving forward but the nature outside that is running on and we are stationery.

Now you’ll will be wondering why am I bringing up the topic of a bus.  Right?

Well that’s simply because I relate LIFE to a bus ride.

A bus ride is a journey from where we are to where we wish to go or rather be. Isn’t life the same?

Life is a bumpy bus ride. It’s never a smooth one (if we remember our roads ). There are so many ups and downs. So many potholes jerking us from our seats or making us jump. Not always there’s a promise of a comfy seat. Not always will there be a companion you can think of as a friendly stranger. There are bound to be moments when you meet the wrong or people you’d not rather share a seat with.

There are those whom you can help out- how? giving your seat or carrying their luggage or standing up for them when you think you should. Don’t we do this in life? Helping out those who mean something to us? try to share their laughter and sorrows? help them carry their burdens? advice them? fight ? Sometimes even give up something we love or something that gives us comfort for those who we can do good to? Give away a smile? Or a daring stare to those with ruthless eyes?

There are spectators everywhere whether a bus ride or life. People are bound to judge you or criticize whether in their minds or on your face. Just remember that they like you are having a bumpy bus ride too, so keep calm and hold up your shield against such attacks and just stay aloof and do your work. Waste no energy or time on something so reckless and unworthy. If you know your worth and what you are, am sure no sly comments or thoughts should be enough to make lose your cool.

“Do what you Love. Love what you do.”

What you see sprinting past you become memories you leave behind. You may forget most of the journey except for somethings that will be unforgettable.

MEMORIES CAN NEVER BE FORGOTTEN whether GOOD or BAD.  All you have to learn is how to deal with them, as and when you face flashbacks. The best way is to accept and chase them back and not run away from.

One last thing, YOU ARE NEVER STUCK IN LIFE. No matter how much you feel you are. Confused maybe. But never stuck. Just like the bus keeps moving on stops here and there and finally drops you off at your destination. Same-way in life, you perhaps take some halts here and there, collect yourself, learn something, let go of somethings, amuse yourself over the drama and the role you play and so on. In all this, whether you’re happy or sad- you keep walking on- Accept it or not. But you do.

Life is a Journey that stops only when You reach your Destination.

The more breaks you take or the many times you space out thinking you’re stuck or confused, the more farther will your destination be.

So if you wish to make it shorter and pleasant. Stop spacing out. Get a grip. Learn fast. Accept without denial. Run (forward) if you have to. Don’t walk backwards, it’s pointless unless you wish to start all over again on the same route from square one and delay all the more crossing the finish line. Walking back is accepting defeat at the hands of failure. Don’t be a loser. Hold yourself and step forward . Accept failure as a lesson.

Every failure helps you master the art to succeed. Deal with your problems without lamenting and complaining. Prioritize your wants, dreams and wishes and goals. Plan your journey.

Just like the stops the bus takes, make the stops of your life short. Let go of the people who would be better out your life. Let them leave when it’s time. Welcome the  new faces. Enjoy the journey.

Live life with a fever of Never backing down -of not clinging to your comfort zones.

Swing in the adventures. Jump high. Fall back. Climb up. Take risks. But only risks you can afford. Don’t Blow up. Make it worth. But in it all “Listen to your heart .” Do not make decisions to please but take decisions to Live better.

Rekindle the flame of goodness in you. Even a small spark is magical. You’ll live without regrets. You will live in harmony with the positive vibes. A wonderful key to an optimistic life.

When you reach your destination, if you made the journey worth it – You will carry this with you till your last. But if you didn’t- then it adds up to the meaningless things you pile up.

Your LIFE DEFINES YOU- so make sure the definition is good enough.

ONLY YOU CAN DO IT . So Dear Master of your own-Life, Enjoy the bumpy Ride.

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