Screenshot_2014-04-04-16-16-02  And When I walk down the traveled lane..

I come across memories perfect & lame..

I watch it like a movie in Rewind motion..

Thus further drowning in this nostalgic notion..

Beautiful memories make me smile..

Oh how I know they’ll keep me warm for thousand miles..

And then What I see makes me twice blink and further think..

In those moments had I been afraid..

Why didn’t I ask myself “what would have I done hadn’t I let that fear over me cascade?

Would Life be the same?

If my fears had I tamed?”

I see the mistakes I committed and the downfalls I had..

The challenges I accepted and the lost opportunities I never before cared!

I also see that part of me who thinks she’s free.. but never was..

Laughter was indeed there and all of it wasn’t as bad.. but now that I see more clearly.. there’s a lot messed and tossed..


I say ,” Smile at all the bad, Let go and Walk along to see what better in Life you can get!

and so I move on, chucked all the bad behind a wall,

Carrying with me all that will help me when I face times where I’ll crawl..

Good & Bad I’ll always see.. Small & Big life will make me..

Why not I put a seal on Life’s package deal?

And in all it’s grandeur .. I could as well fairly LIVE in splendor..

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