Ages after ages pass by

bringing happy and sad cries..

it may be if someone’s born,

or it may be if someone’s gone…

Life is not everlasting..

nor is it everything…

for everyone one day has to die

as his reward is an eternal life!!

No one is special,

just because happiness is more and sadness seems to be very partial..

Life is a game and we all have different roles to play.

we do not know what’s the real aim!…

nor if the very next moment we have to go back to clay.

times can be good or bad.. harsh or sweet.. fun or sad..

Life can be a drag or it can be an adventurous journey!

It’s always for us to decide what we choose our life to be..

embrace the reality or run after dreams that aren’t for one to see..

4 thoughts on “Life…”

  1. Ur poems arent new to me as I knw hw gud u r in it…. bt I nvr felt ths depth of feelings n emotions earlier whch nw I feel while reading each of thm… each 1 is unique… each 1 is touchng… each1 is special…. m so happy to see ur ideas, imaginations, facts, realities, experience, feelings all complied together in simple bt meaningful words…. indeed proud of u dear.. luv u… :*

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