To all those who lose hope…..

Tough times become rougher….

Sad times get you all frustrated…

You’re struck with the question “Why me? when will this end?”

If you are still BREATHING in all this pain..

It means you are STRONGER to get over this rain.

Hold on to the ROPE of Your HOPE for better..

Cause when you are tossed over the seas,

you might never know when a wave leads you onto the shore..

If you fail to be strong… You’ll leave this rope… and you’ll know you’re FOREVER GONE…

SO CHOOSE.. what you see..


19 thoughts on “To all those who lose hope…..”

  1. Leanne,
    Congrats. You finally have a platform to showcase your prowess in handling emotions and inspiring others with your write ups. A beautiful piece of writing this is. Having read a lot of your work earlier, I just wonder what more will be coming, and I am totally excited to see them come. Those who trust in the Lord lack nothing good. Wishing you more beautiful stories. You will go a long way. Go on. Write. Paint. Inspire. God bless you young lady.

      1. Excellent have alot of talent..your artwork is superb..your words..thoughtful and insightful.. Christopher A Rodrigue..

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